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Friday, 11 December 2009

Joan Selects – Encore Appearance

A surprise Christmas present from Joan. We all thought that the “Joan Selects” series of compilations had finished, but by popular request here is a special encore appearance.

This time round Joan has been able to provide only a few label scans to accompany this cornucopia of vocal group vibes. The reason – the record collection is currently in storage. But that won’t get in the way of our enjoyment of this collection of rockers, pleaders, jivers and weepers. The mp3s have been ripped at bitrates from a low of 96 kbps to a mighty 320 kbps. Most are at around 128 kbps. The usual warning about clicks, pops, hissing and occasional distortion applies. But rough sound quality = real rock ‘n’ roll.

Thank you Joan, for coming out of retirement!

Recorded at various (lowish) bitrates. Password = greaseyspoon.

Download from here:

Or here:

1) The Spiedels - Dear Joan (Crosley 201, 1958)
2) The Gems - Talk About The Weather (Drexel 901, 1954)
3) The De-Vaurs - Boy In Mexico (Moon 105, 1959)
4) Ferris and the Wheels - He Was A Fortune Teller (United Artists 458, 1962)
5) The Whirlwinds – Heartbeat (Phillips 40139, 1967)
6) The Four Plaid Throats - My Inspiration (Mercury 70143, 1953?)
7) The Four Buddies - Ooh-Ow (Savoy 888, 1953)
8) The Valaquons – Teardrops (Laguna 102, 1964)
9) Mary Edwards & The Saxons - Oh! Oh! Mama (Meteor 5031, 1956)
10) Bo Diddley and the Carnations - Don't Let It Go (Checker LP1436, 1959)
11) Joey and the Lexingtons - Tears From My Eyes (Dunes 2029, 1962)
12) The Metrotones - Skitter Skatter (Reserve 116, 1954)
13) The Jets - Heaven Above Me (Gee 1020, 1956)
14) The Rhythm Masters - Until Now (Bennett, 1949)
15) The Roamers - I'll Never Get Over You (Savoy 1147, 1955)
16) The Videls - We Belong Together (Musicnote 117, 1963)
17) The Blue Dots - My Very Own (Hurricane 104, 1959)
18) The Marshall Brothers - Why Make A Fool Out Of Me (Savoy 873, 1952)
19) The Quarternotes - Hold Me Darling (Little Star 112, 1962)
20) The Crystals - My Heart's Desire (Apollo 462, 1954) (also known as The Opals)
21) The Mighty Dukes - Why Can't I Have You (Duke 104, 1952)
22) The Velvetones - Penalty of Love (D 1649, 1959)
23) The Daylighters - I Love The Life I Live
24) The Nic-Nacs - I Found Me A Sugar Daddy (RPM 313, 1949) (really The Robins)
25) The Mixers - Casanova (Bold 102, 1959)
26) The Velvet Angels – I’m in Love (Medieval 201)
27) The Dikes – Don’t Leave Me Poor (Federal 12249, 1955)
28) The Marvells - Did She Leave You (Magnet 1005, 1959)
29) The Empires - Sittin' On Top Of The World
30) The Twigs - Lover Boy (Hollywood 1026, 1954)
31) The Four Buddies - You Mean Everything To Me (Club 51 103, 1956)
32) The Riffs - Little Girl (Sunny 22, 1964)
33) The Impressors - Do You Love Her (Cub 9010, 1958)
34) The Lyrics - I'm In Love (Hy-Tone 111, 1958)
35) The Swinging Hearts - How Can I Love You (Six-Twenty, 1963)


Anonymous said...

How great to find Be Bop Wino on the web once again!
Even better to receive an early Christmas gift from the lovely and talented Joan.
Can't wait for Encores volume 2.


Anonymous said...

I knew you couldn't stay away! An I, for one, am glad of it!


Johnny Pierre said...

A belated thank you to Joan for all her hard work & great posts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to share your amazing vinyl collection with us.
Just one thing...
The tracklist needs ammending, both on your post and in the 'TitleOut' file, because you have The Quarternotes track listed twice.
By my reckoning, 'Track 35' should be "How Can I Love You?" by The Swinging Hearts.
Perhaps you could alspo provide the release information for The Swinging Hearts (label, year, etc.) so we can all correct it.
Hope that helps.
Thanks again,


boogiewoody said...

Thanks JJ. I've amended the tracklist on the post. I'll have to get in touch with Joan to see if she has any details on The Swinging Hearts.

Ira Seigel said...

Welcome back Joan...unexpected and most welcome holiday gift...thanks Woody for many cool sounds

Rockinbavarian said...

Beautiful christmas gift! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (with lots of further encores).

All the best,

Troglodyte said...

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I'm glad I found your new site. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joan, it seems like years since you left, though it's only been one day.

ignatz said...

I can't thank you enough for all of these great posts! Cheers.

Ira Seigel said...

Have to note, the Joey & the Lexingtons track is actually "Bobby" (why they used that spelling for a gal is beyond me, but that's another story)...great song in its own right though...guess I gotta ask Joan or someone for "Tears From My Eyes"