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Monday, 21 December 2009

Joey & The Lexingtons, The Swinging Hearts and A Doo Wop Christmas (again)

We are now well into the traditional Be Bop Wino pre-Christmas panic. This is the bit where the blog collapses because your host throws himself into the annual round of present buying, desperately tacky parties, last minute Christmas card posting, visits to relatives, and with a bit of luck an occasional football match (Queen’s Park forever!) and with even more luck a rugby game or two (Glasgow v Edinburgh double header coming up.)

So here’s the first bit of business. Joan has kindly sent a better cut of Joey and The Lexingtons’ magnum opus “Tears From My Eyes” to replace the kinda slightly trashed version which appeared on “Joan Selects, Encore Appearance, Volume 1.”

Download from here:

Or here:

By popular request (that’s you, JJ!) here is the link to last year’s Christmas selection from Joan, “Joan Selects Volume 11 – A Doo Wop Christmas” –

The original post has been transferred to the new Be Bop Wino Done Gone blog and can be seen in all its glory here:

Now a plea from Joan and me – does anyone know anything about The Swinging Hearts? They’re on track 35 of the latest Joan Selects with “How Can I Love You,” but Joan has no background info whatsoever. She can’t even dig out the original 45 as the record collection is currently in storage.

And that brings me to a brief look back at a rather eventful Be Bop Wino year. It could have been the end of the blog when the whole darned shootin’ match was booted into webular oblivion following a third strike and you’re out complaint. Luckily many of the posts were backed up in a private blog, so the Be Bop Wino show was soon back on the road again, although this time round in a strictly vinyl/cassette form.

There are still quite a few old posts to be revived. I intend doing new cover scans for them now that I’ve got the hang of stitching together complete LP covers. There are also some posts that weren’t backed up but I have the raw material to reconstitute them, so keep an eye open for some old favourites like Billy Wright and Hunter Hancock’s Midnight Matinee turning up again, although in a slightly rewritten form.

Of course I’ll be adding new posts too, and perhaps Joan could be persuaded to prolong her encore. I’ve said it before – Joan’s contributions, especially Joan Selects, have taken this blog to a level I simply could not have imagined when I started out back in 2007. There are several other occasional contributors who remain anonymous or totally pseudonymous and I thank them for their fine efforts which add so much to the blog. If any of you out there in rock and roll land wish to contribute vinyl rips of vintage R&B, rock and roll or jazz (1940s -50s) then please get in touch. Scans of vintage LP or EP sleeves are also very welcome.

I would like to thank everyone who has dropped by and taken the trouble to read Be Bop Wino’s humble offerings. I must give a special thank you to those of you who send in comments. I am very grateful to you for sharing your opinions, experiences and insights. Have a rockin’ good Christmas you naughty kids!

(Langside Monument, Glasgow, in the snow)

STOP PRESS - Since I started writing this post there have been developments in the world of rock and roll mp3 sharing. Several blogs have disappeared, some are changing their policy regarding uploading of CDs and others have cleared out old posts. The Rock Hall forum has also closed down. It looks like certain reissue companies have realised what was available on the web and have decided to crack down. These are worrying times for rockin’ bloggers, but here’s hoping that Be Bop Wino will still be around after Christmas to bring you more selections of honkin’, hootin’, bootin’ vinyl rips.


Anonymous said...

Hi Boogiewoody - Wishing you a cheerful holiday season and a great new year. Thanks for all the posts and musical insights. Glad you're persevering! - Mjookin

Howdy said...

Merry Christmas to Everyone at the Wino! Dark Clouds are forming but after each storm the sun shines.

These companies fail to realize that they are the cause of the problem.

Take Care!!

Anonymous said...

"How Can I Love You" by The Swinging Hearts was recorded by Lenny Lacour (Lucky Four, Magic Touch labels and so on) in Chicago & released on the 620 label.

Eddie M said...

The Swinging Hearts:“How+Can+I+Love+You”+the+swinging+hearts&source=bl&ots=S_Dxi7TAE0&sig=xoJftOJAKiswiI5fFz5LmvwSKjI&hl=en&ei=mjgwS-ObAYXZlAeb05SpBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CBQQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=“How%20Can%20I%20Love%20You”%20the%20swinging%20hearts&f=false

Thank you Google books for scanning this one ("Doowop: The Chicago Scene", Univ of Illinois Press. 1996.).

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the info on The Swinging Hearts, folks! Google Books is a source I keep forgetting to look up ...

mrb394ever said...

I always enjoy your commentaries. Thanks for the tunes, and thanks for persevering through all the turmoil you've faced this year.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous (if that word applies in the blogosphere) new year.

Kansas City, Missouri USA

the family cat said...

Noticed this morning that Rockabilly ranch has gone.What used to be vinyl rips changed to full blooded CD reissues from lables like Ace and Jasmine and Bear Family.Just asking for trouble the way the Millenium Copyright Laws work.After a message saying there'd be no more uploads of currently avaiable stuff they leave all the past ones on the blog.
I don't agree with all this copyright crap-after all they act as an advert for the CDs which are always preferable to mp3s but the authorities are too blinkered to see it

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Family Cat. Rockabilly Ranch has already reappeared at a new address. I agree that the uploading of so many in print CDs was bound to bring trouble. If they stuck to vinyl rips and gave info about the rarer tracks it would actually be a much more interesting blog in my view.

I also agree that buying a CD is far better than buying mp3 downloads, especially after I tried the Amazon download of the Floyd Dixon double CD set and found that no liner notes were included and the tagging was wrong. I'd rather have the physical artefact of disc, case, booklet, etc. It'll still be there in the event of my computer exploding.

As for the copyright laws (which differ between Europe and the USA), well I can see the need for artists and reissue companies getting rewarded for their efforts but I think that by and large the companies are missing out on a marvellous way to publicise and disseminate "niche music" like ours when they get too draconian. But that's a huge issue which would merit a post (or even a blog!)on its own.

The latest change in the blogosphere which I find quite saddening is that Merlin In Rags has gone invitation only. It was a beautiful blog to read and look at. I never actually downloaded anything from it, but it was obviously a labour of love. In fact I hardly ever download anything from mp3 blogs - I've got too much music as it is! A guid New Year tae ye!

Anonymous said...

The Swinging Hearts Came from Robbins, Illinois in the late 50's early Sixties. I'll get more information upon getting a phone call!


Still Bill DJ!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Bill DJ!