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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bobby Charles - Chess Masters

1977 LP of sides recorded for Chess from 1955 – 1957 by the sadly deceased Robert Charles Guidry. The Paul Gayten band provides sizzling backup on these raw and raucous R&B numbers. A good way to remember one of the true pioneers of rock and roll.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or here:

1. Watch It Sprocket
2. Yea Yea Baby
3. You Know I Love You
4. Good Loving
5. I'd Like To Know
6. Ain't Got No Home
7. Time Will Tell
8. Take It Easy Greasy
9. You Can Suit Yourself
10. Later Alligator
11. On Bended Knee
12. I'll Turn Square For You
13. I Ain't Gonna Do It No More
14. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
15. Lonely Street
16. Mr Moon
17. One Eyed Jack
18. Hey Good Looking


Psyclist said...

I have most of his work but never heard this one. Now I am looking for Clean Water:)


Anonymous said...

thank you. didn't know he recorded for Chess.

elhombremalo said...

thanks a lot - a sad loss

Howdy said...

Too Often Overlook and never given his props! Thanks Boogiewoody!

reckids said...

Thank You !

Anonymous said...

"I'm walkin' to New Orleans" - if I could, I would be. Thank you for easing my heart with music of the dear, departed Bobby Charles.

Much Love & Geaux Saints! - d.

Anonymous said...

this is really good !
never heard of these.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Great Post !!! Mark Lammar mentioned this album on his radio show saying how he had worn out the grooves. I see why now!

Little Big Ian said...

Thanks a bunch! I was looking for his recordings a long time ago. Sadly learned that he's gone away recently.. BIG MAN.
Have a look to my blog, there's some r'n'r stuff you should like:

Den said...

THank you Glaswegian Hipsters.
I said to my pals here in the Triangle, NC (Durham, Chapel HIll and Raleigh, even if I think the third side of the triangle is Hillsborough)
"This site is a fine example of how some Glaswegian people can be some of the hippest archivists of all."
Of course, you may think of yourselves as just world hipsters, and I would too.
Thanks for the thousands of creative souls that made this stuff back when to get shit out of it, but the good times and some recordings ...
and the thousands like me who love this music and love you for putting it back into circulation. I don't think you smoke cigars or make deals, but you're the real deal, and you, and the lovely and so talentedly tasteful Joan K.
make it happen, captain! I like you guys as much as Nick Tosches.
Thanks for the work and the plays.