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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Joan Selects, Encore Appearance Volume 2

Be Bop Wino Done Gone proudly presents another volume of “Joan Selects”, featuring a mightily generous helping of 40(!) rare rhythm delights ripped from vinyl. Joan has spoiled us yet again not only with this veritable banquet of bop, but also with an accompanying folder of label scans. The theme of the talking bridge takes us into the world of heartfelt spoken pleas, although I have long suspected that The Velvetones’ over-the-top version of “The Glory of Love” isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Anyway, crank up the volume, sit back, and enjoy these slabs of vintage crackly vinyl. And it’s over to our benefactor, the girl herself, Joan:

This volume of the Joan Selects series, “Encore Appearance, Volume 2” is as a result of a theme I’ve had in mind for quite a long time. It just took awhile to get the songs gathered and processed. The theme in this volume is wholly centered around the song device called the “spoken” or “talking” bridge. All the songs herein have that in common and span the 1930s to the early 1960s, with 90 % culled from the 1950s. This technique manifests usually as a spoken re-iteration of one of the verses customarily by the bass voice in the group, while the balance harmonize in the background.

This was first popularized by the original Ink Spots in the mid to late 1930’s. I have included several songs by the Ink Spots. “If I Didn’t Care” features original bass member “Hoppy” Jones. Hoppy died in the 1940’s and was replaced by Cliff G. Ivan as bass, and he can be heard in the second of the earlier Ink Spots singles here, “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)” which was issued in 1949 and achieved a number 1 position that year in the “Race” charts. Later versions of the Ink Spots continued to record well into the 1950’s, and the third of the three Ink Spot songs included here is one of those, recorded for King Records (#1425), called “When You Come To The End Of The Day”

While other early groups employed this device, most of the doo-wop groups of the 1950s cite their inspiration directly as being the Ink Spots. Several of the songs in “Joan Selects, Encore Appearance, Volume 2” are notorious in their contents: namely The Velvetones with their recording of “Glory Of Love” for Aladdin (#3372) and Vernon Green and his Medallions with their huge R&B hit” The Letter” recorded for the DooTone (#347) record label in Los Angeles; I have also included one of the oddest issues of the 1950s, recorded by the Velvitones on the Milmart label (#113), a recitation in doo-wop style of the “Gettysburg Address”.

While this collection of “Talking Bridge” songs is not a comprehensive collection, they are representative of the use of this musical technique in a wide variety of presentations. If any of our blogsters is of the opinion that I have overlooked any significant song in this format, I urge you to contact us through the comment section with your contribution. If there are sufficient additional songs to warrant yet another volume of these, then that will possibly come to pass.

Ripped from vinyl at various bitrates, mostly at 128 kbps. Surface noise present throughout, and that’s the way it should be.

Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or here:


01 - The Velvetones - Glory Of Love - Release: Aladdin 45-3372
02 - The Enchanters - True Love Gone - Release: Coral 8-61756
03 - The Swans - Wedding Bells, Oh Wedding Bells - Release: Fortune 813
04 - The Corvets - I'm Going To Cry - Release: Moon 100
05 - The Jayhawks - Counting My Teardrops - Release: Flash 104
06 - The Esquires - Only The Angels Know - Release: Hi-Po 103
07 - The Squires - A Dream Come True - Release: Kicks 1-F
08 - The Diablos - The Wind - Release: Fortune 511
09 - The Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care - Release: Decca 9-23632
10 - The Medallions - The Letter - Release: Dootone 347
11 - The Delicardos - Letter To A School Girl - Release: Elgey 1001
12 - The Tellers - Tears Fell From My Eyes - Release: Fire 1038
13 - The Supremes - Just For You and I - Release: Ace 534
14 - The Dukes - I'll Find Her - Release: Imperial x5385
15 - The Velvitones - A Prayer At Gettysburgh - Release: Milmart 113x45
16 - The Gates - Summer Night Love - Release: Peach 716
17 - The Five Willows - Dolores 1 - Release: Allen 1002x45
18 - The Teardrops - Come Back To Me - Release: Sampson 634-A
19 - The Quintones - The Lonely Telephone - Release: Jordan 1601
20 - The Ink Spots - We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) - Release: Decca 9-23634
21 - The Equallos - Beneath The Sun - Release: M & M
22 - The Rockaways - I'm Not Going Steady - Release: Epic 9226
23 - The El Pollos - These Four Letters - Release: Studio St. 999
24 - The Twisters - This Is The End - Release: Sunset 501
25 - The Gainors - The Secret - Release: Cameo 151
26 - The Spinners - My Love and Your Love - Release: Rhythm 125
27 - The Blue Jays - Write Me A Letter - Release: BlueJay 1002
28 - The Esquires - My Dearest, My Darling - Release: Odyssey
29 - The Melotones - Prayer Of Love - Release: Lee Tone 700
30 - The Smoothtones - Bring Back Your Love (To Me) - Release: Jem 412-45
31 - The Jupiters - It Takes Two - Release: Planet X 9621
32 - The Ebonaires - Love Call - Release: Lena L-1001
33 - The Lovers - A Lonely Island - Release: Derby 1030
34 - The Execs - Walking In The Rain - Release: Fargo 1055
35 - The Velvetones - Found My Love - Release: Aladdin 45-3391
36 - The Five Embers - Please Come Home - Release: Gem 224
37 - The Blenders - It Takes Time - Release: AFO 305
38 - The Five Kids - Carolyn - Release: Maxwell 101 (2 known copies)
39 - The Whispers – Are You Sorry - Release: Gotham G-7-312
40 - The Ink Spots - When You Come To The End Of The Day - Release: King 45--1425


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joan, the pompitous of love is eternal.

Harry da horse said...

I seriously love this stuff; I'm a 50s guy and it's like catnip to me. Thanks!

Ira Seigel said...

Way cool...and impressive as always...thank you Joan and Woody

Unknown said...

This is amazing and spectacular, thank you