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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Harlem Heavies

I picked this one up second hand a few months back. It’s a Dutch LP from sometime in the 1980s and is in fact volume 2 of a series of perhaps five collections of New York rhythm ‘n’ blues. Some of these LPs were posted on the original Twilightzone blog which was taken down by the Gestapo sometime ago. There were titles like “Leapin’ On Lennox” and “New York Notables” but I don’t think they have appeared yet on the reincarnated Twilightzone.

In the meantime while we await the second coming of the poster of these gems, Gyro1966, who simply must repost the whole shebang, let us make do with my rips of this superb collection of rhythmatic stompers. Of course there are some old Be Bop Wino favourites here – Mr Bear and Washboard Bill. They, along with many other artists on this LP, were also featured on the Detour comp of Groove sides I posted recently – Groove Jumping! The sound quality on this LP (which was probably a bootleg) doesn’t quite match that of Groove Jumping, but it’s still a rousing heap of clangin’ and bangin’ blues that’s guaranteed to get even the squarest of listeners shakin’ their booty. Or something like that – you know what I mean.

The back of the record sleeve has session details. The usual NYC suspects are on these tracks – Sam “The Man” Taylor, King Curtis, Heywood Henry, Wild Jimmy Spruill, Panama Francis and Leroy Kirkland. We are in safe hands. As you can see from the tracklist I’ve done some digging around to add details of the record labels on which these tracks were originally released. That’s enough jabbering from me. Download and groove, baby, groove!

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or here:

1. Let The Doorbell Ring - Larry Dale (Glover 208, 1960)
2. Let Your Love Run To Me - Larry Dale (Glover 208, 1960)
3. Big Muddy - Larry Dale (Glover 203, 1960)
4. Please Tell Me - Larry Dale (Groove 4G-0029, 1954)
5. Shake Baby Shake - Jack Dupree (Vik – X 0304, 1957)
6. Mind On Loving - Little Danny (Sharp 112, 1960)
7. Up The River - Cousin Leroy (Ember E-1023, 1957)
8. Help Me Baby - Stick McGhee (Savoy 1148, 1955)
9. Hold Out Baby - Mr Bear (AMP 3129, 1958)
10. Shake Me Up Baby - Little Terry (Savoy 1520, 1956)
11. Off To Work Again - Wilbert Harrison (Neptune 123, 1961)
12. Sad Sad Affair - Dossie Terry (Victor 20/47-4864, 1951)
13. Hi-Fi Baby - Mr Bear (AMP 3129, 1958)
14. This Little Letter - James Wayne (Angletone 540, 1960)
15. In The Morning Part 2 - Washboard Bill (King 4983, 1956)
16. Anna Mae - Brownie McGhee (Savoy 1177, 1955)
17. Don't Drop It - Wilbert Harrison Savoy 1138, 1954)
18. Do What You Do - Mickey Baker (King LP839, 1962)


marlg said...

They're all on "Moonshine".
Don't forget the west coast LP's.

West Coast Guitar Greats
West Coast Winners
More West Coast Winners
Guitar In My Hands Vol. 1
Guitar In My Hands Vol. 2

They're all great!.. The guitar ones have Lafayette Thomas!

I don't have this one. Thanks!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Marlon - that's more LPs for me to look out for in the few second hand record shops in Glasgow, and online of course. I remember those titles from back in the 1980s - wish I'd bought them back then!

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you for all your labors for I profit from it. Off course not in a monetary way but musically.
This said , I have to tell you that this one I haven't been able to download. There is something wrong with it as I have twice tried it and come up short both times.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Ralph, I tried downloading using the Rapidshare link and it worked OK for me, though I do have a premium account. Anyone else having trouble with this one?