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Monday, 22 March 2010

The Best Of The Spiders Volume 1

Here’s yet another LP which has gathered dust on the shelves of my vinyl vault for the last few decades. And now it’s resurrected in all its scratched glory thanks to the inspiration of the Spiders’ Imperial LP which Joan sent in for posting. This is the perfect follow up to that post – there isn’t any duplication of tracks, although there is an uncanny similarity between certain numbers as The Spiders weren’t slow to rework their own songs.

Recorded for Imperial between April 1954 and November 1956, these sides are another prime slab of New Orleans R&B. My favourite track in this collection is “Lost And Bewildered”, a magnificent bluesy number recorded in January 1954 with Chuck Carbo on lead vocal accompanied by great smoky tenor sax. “You Played The Part”, “A1 In My Heart” and “Bells In My Heart” are other standouts, but there aren’t any weak tracks here at all.

This LP was originally released on the K.C. label in 1985. Some surface noise audible.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here:

1. Don't Pity Me
2. How I Feel
3. Bells In My Heart
4. For A Thrill
5. Lost And Bewildered
6. The Real Thing
7. Honey Bee
8. That's The Way To Win My Heart
9. Goodbye
10. I'll Stop Crying
11. Tears Began To Flow
12. Dear Mary
13. A1 In My Heart
14. You Played The Part


Howdy said...

Lovin The Spiders Action Boogiewoddy!! Keep Rockin!

boogiewoody said...

Glad you dig The Spiders, Red. But what's happened with your blog? You've gone private! DMCA being invoked yet again on vinyl bloggers out to promote and preserve music?