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Friday, 19 March 2010

The Spiders - I Didn't Want To Do It (Imperial LP 9140)

Thanks to Joan for this post which appeared on the old Be Bop Wino blog back in April 2009. This Imperial LP was released in 1961, although the tracks date from 1954 – 1955. Big R&B hits such as “Witchcraft” (recorded by Elvis), “I Didn’t Want To Do It”, “You’re The One” and “I’m Slippin’ In” are included as well as several unreleased tracks.

The Spiders were the top New Orleans vocal group in the 1950’s. Originally a gospel group called The Zion City Harmonizers and then The Delta Southernaires, they became R&B group The Spiders at the instigation of recording studio owner Cosimo Matassa. They signed for Imperial in late 1953 and cut their first recording session at Matassa’s, with Dave Bartholomew producing, on December 11th. Their first release in January 1954, “I Didn’t Want To Do It” / “You’re The One” was a double-sided hit with both tunes reaching the R&B top ten.

The personnel included brothers Hayward “Chuck” Carbo on second tenor and lead, and Leonard “Chick” Carbo on bass and alternate lead. The group started to fall apart in 1956 when Chick Carbo went solo on Atlantic Records and the end came in 1957 when Chuck started a solo career on Imperial.

Reconstituted from various vinyl sources and ripped at 128 kbps

Thanks Joan, for furthering my R&B vocal group education with these fine sides.

Download from here:

1. I Didn't Want To Do It
2. You're The One
3. I'm Slippin' In
4. Mmm Mmm Baby
5. Walkin' Around In Circles
6. I'm Searching
7. That's Enough
8. Sukey, Sukey, Sukey
9. Am I The One
10. Don't Knock
11. (True) You Don't Love Me
12. Witchcraft


Troglodyte said...

Thanks! I haven't heard an album of theirs before.

btw, the password "greaseyspoon" must not be spelled incorrectly because it opens the file just fine. ;)

vorn said...

Hi there! I got "The Best Of" and would love to give this one a listen, but the rapidshare link doesn't appear to be working. Any chance you could help a brother out? :) Thanks for your musical education! Love the music you share!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. The hyperlink works just fine.