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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bostic LP Cover Quest - more info

I've received some more info plus a little sidelight on Earl Bostic. Our seeker after help lives not far from Cincinnati, yet can get little assistance there on the King back catalogue. So can the worldwide network of Be Bop Wino followers step up to the plate and assist our friend in her quest to trace the LP cover with a shot of her sister on the front?

My husband brought home the "C'mon and Dance" album thinking it was her, but the shot is only of her face.

As a kinda funny side note, the neighborhood Nosy Rosy spread the rumor that my sister was a hooker after seeing Mr. Bostic bring my sister home in his long black limo, as she and her husband did not own a car.

She said he was a very kind man.

I believe she was also on the cover of another Bostic album where she and 2 other models are sitting on a piano....possibly wearing flapper type dresses.


Anonymous said...

I probably just clogged up your email with the wrong cover, but take a look just in case. Marie

boogiewoody said...

Yes Marie it was the wrong cover I'm afraid. "C'mon and Dance" can be eliminated from our enquiries ...

Tad Richards said...

I've got no answer, but I'm rooting for the lady to find her sister's cover. Checking back regularly.

Steve Miller said...

Doubtless, you've uncovered these two starting points, but I'll throw 'em out anyway:

The library page includes a link to a 5-part series from WVXU:

Make a contact with a producer there*, and you may find the answers!

*Or this guy,

Rockinbavarian said...

Maybe it's the cover of "E.B. plays sweet tunes of the roaring 20s" feat. a white girl on the cover..