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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Summer Break and Confessin' The Blues

There's not been much activity around here for a few weeks. I'll try to get another post up soon, but hey, it's summer! This is no time to be spending hours hunched over a computer editing WAV files and scanning LP covers and tagging mp3s and all that stuff. So I'm sorry for keeping you cats and kittens on tenterhooks, although oddly enough I've noticed that the less I post, the more hits this blog attracts. That's just weird.

Some of you have been sending nice messages of appreciation for the work that goes into the blog, so I'd like to thank those very cool people (you know who you are) and I will reply to your emails soon.

I'm hoping to do some posts on the big band roots of R&B, so here's a taster of what's to come.

Let's all listen to the ORIGINAL "Confessin' The Blues" sung by Walter Brown accompanied by the rhythm section of the Jay McShann Orchestra way back in 1941:

Stay cool, you naughty kids! I'll be back soon with lots of riffin', boogyin' and bluesin'.


mrb394ever said...

Great fun. Nice clean sound, too. Thanks!

Jay McShann always has been a big deal here in Kansas City, Missouri, USA . . . of course, you could say the same about a lot of the old-time jazz greats who lived here -- we like to claim the ones who just passed through here, too, like Count Basie.

jim said...

Thank you. For some reason I always thought that was an origingal Little Walter song.

boogiewoody said...

"Nice clean sound" - thanks mrb394ever - it's a vinyl rip from a very scratched LP. I had to do a fair amount of work on a lot of the tracks to make them presentable, as you will hear when I post the album!

Jim - I forgot about the Little Walter version - must give it a listen soon. Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones both had cover versions too. Definitely a McShann - Brown composition, though!

Anonymous said...

Please keep up your great work - looking forward to your big band roots shares!

Thanks for such a great blog! Hope you're having a great vacation.

Matt D