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Sunday 30 January 2011

Drippers' Boogie Parts 1 & 2 - Joe Liggins & his Honeydrippers (Exclusive 232)

Recorded in Los Angeles, July 8th, 1946. Joe Liggins (piano), Little Willie Jackson (soprano and baritone saxes), James Jackson (tenor sax), Frank Pasley (guitar), Red Callender* (bass), Peppy Prince (drums).

It's Joe Liggins again, this time with a frantic two parter from 1946 which attempts to follow in the footsteps of his 1945 hit, "The Honeydripper Parts 1 & 2." Thanks to El Enmascarado for these rips and label scans from an original 78rpm disc.

Downloaders don't despair - there'll be another Joe Liggins LP on Be Bop Wino very soon. The sharp eyed among you may have spotted the album cover on a recent post. We'll be concentrating on the jivin' side of rhythm and blues over the next month or so with a selection of movin' and groovin' tracks and albums from the finest jump bands of the 1940s.

If you're new to the blog and you want to hear more of this kind of cool music then search for posts on Roy Milton, Jack McVea, Bull Moose Jackson, Jimmy Liggins, Tab Smith, Johnny Otis and T-Bone Walker.

* Although regular Honeydrippers bass player Eddie Davis is credited on the disc label, Joe Liggins stated in interviews that Red Callender took over bass playing duties on most recording sessions.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Boogie Woody!

ttrof said...

hello bebop wino, i ask you please repost the silhouettes rar with "which way did she go" song. thank you very much in advance