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Saturday 15 January 2011

Strato-Cruiser / Sunday Blues - Joe Lutcher's Jump Band (Capitol 40052)

Thanks to El Enmascarado and his collection ot 78 rpm discs, here is Joe Lutcher's Jump Band recorded in Los Angeles on August 29th, 1947. This was Joe's first session for Capitol.

Personnel: Joe Lutcher (vocal, alto sax); Bill Ellis (tenor sax); Leon Beck (baritone sax); Karl George (trumpet); L.H. Morrow (piano); Ulysses Livingstone (guitar), Bea Booker (bass); Booker Hart (drums)

Joe had previously recorded four sides for Specialty in April 1947 and went on to record several more sessions for Capitol, the final one being in November 1947. In 1949 he had a number of sessions for Modern and in 1950 recorded a couple of sides for Peacock in Houston. He then reportedly signed up with Derby but his musical career came to a juddering halt when he got religion.

This was a shame because Joe, who was the brother of the much better known Nellie Lutcher, was a talented alto sax player, bandleader and vocalist. And the rockin' rumour machine has it that it was Joe who converted Little Richard and temporarily diverted him from his unspeakably sinful ways.

"Strato-Cruiser" is a fine example of that late 1940s music which could be described as jazz or jump or rhythm and blues. It's dominated by the feisty tenor sax of Bill Ellis. On "Sunday Blues" Joe's alto and light vocalizing are to the fore.

Once again thanks to El Enmascarado for label scans and rips from shellac.


Anonymous said...

Boogie Woody, we love all of your posts! You certainly pack a lot of interesting information into your "quickie" posts. Thanks for including a little taste of what's to come. Marie

Butch Songin said...

BW, great share - love the hybrid jazz-early R&B, and this is a prime example. And thanks too to the mysterious El Enmascarado for exhuming this.