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Saturday 26 February 2011

Little Girl Don't Cry / Moosey - Bull Moose Jackson and his Buffalo Bearcats (King 4288)

Both sides were recorded in St Louis in February 1949.

Personnel: Benjamin "Bull Moose" Jackson (vocal / tenor sax), Harold "Money" Johnson (trumpet), Eugene "Heads" Adams (alto sax), Frank Wess (tenor sax), Ted "Snooky" Hulbert (baritone sax), Billy Mann (piano), Franklin Skeete (bass), Les Erskine (drums).

It's time once more to pay a visit to El Enmascarados' record room where he slaves over that vintage Sparton radio / phono console and a heap of R&B seventy-eights. And of course this post also constitutes a sneak preview of an upcoming LP on Be Bop Wino - can anyone work out what that 12 incher is going to be?

My thanks to the mysterious masked one who has taken time out from his wrestling commitments south of the border to send in rips from shellac and label shots of Bull Moose Jackson's big 1949 hit "Little Girl Don't Cry" b/w "Moosey." This disc is an example of the two sides of Bull Moose - on one side the balladeer and on the other the sax blowin' leader of a jumpin' combo. It was the ballads which provided Bull Moose with his biggest hits. He was the top selling R&B artist of 1948 thanks to sentimental songs like "All My Love Belongs To You" and "I Love You, Yes I Do."

The A side of the disc featured here, "Little Girl Don't Cry" was the ninth top selling R&B record of 1949, but personally I've always preferred the B-side which is a storming little instrumental called "Moosey." You can also hear it on an LP which will soon be appearing on the blog, so keep tuning in for more Bull Moose.


Anonymous said...

What a great record - words are inadequate to describe it! I've been bopping all over the room. Thanks Boogie Woody and thanks also to El Enmascarado for those beautiful label scans.

boogiewoody said...

Thank you Marie, it is a wild little bopper, isn't it? I enjoy doing these single disc posts as they let me become familiar with individual tracks. These days with so much available as downloads or CD boxsets, it's good to concentrate on one or two tracks at a time.

Thanks to yourself and El Enmacascarado for pointing me in that direction.

Of course I'm still posting LPs but I think that 16 tracks is enough for anyone to absorb at any one time.

Keep a boppin' round the room!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Boogie Woody! By the way, your divShare player seems to be the only one working. I've been checking other blogs and they're out of commission too. Grrrrr . . .! P.S. Sorry if I misspelled El Enmacascarado's name.

boogiewoody said...

The misspelling was mine, Marie - it is in fact El Enmascarado. That's what happens when you don't speak Spanish, I guess. If it was a French, German or Dutch name I wouldn't have a problem - but I've developed a mental block around the Masked One's name in Spanish.