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Saturday 5 March 2011

Bull Moose Jackson - Moose On The Loose

Side A:
1. Chittlin' Switch (Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra)
2. Hold Him Joe
3. We Ain't Got Nothin'
4. Just In Case You Change Your Mind
5. Jammin' And Jumpin'
6. Bad Man Jackson, That's Me
7. Moose On The Loose
8. Sometimes I Wonder

Side B:
1. Houston Texas Gal
2. Moosey
3. We Can Talk Some Trash
4. Oh John
5. End This Misery
6. Bearcat Blues
7. Big Ten-Inch Record
8. Hodge-Podge

Back in September 2009 I posted the Route 66 LP “Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again” which is a humdinger of a collection of jumpin’ and jivin’ rhythm and blues by singer and saxman Benjamin “Bull Moose” Jackson. Looking back in the blog I see that it attracted just one comment which is a bit depressing. But nil desperandum, and on we go with the second Bull Moose LP issued on the Mr R&B group of labels: “Moose on the Loose,” a 1985 helping of jumping instrumentals, bluesy vocalisations, and probably the best example of early 1950s double entendre R&B – “Big Ten Inch.”

Scan courtesy Joan K
The career of Mr Jackson was briefly outlined in the “Big Fat Mamas” post. Suffice it to say that “Bull Moose Jackson and his Buffalo Bearcats” started out as a front for getting recordings by the Lucky Millinder Orchestra released on the Queen / King label as Millinder was under contract to Decca for most of the 1940s. This collection has one Millinder side, “Chittlin’ Switch” which features Bull Moose, who remained a member of the Millinder outfit until around 1948.

Another naughty scan from Joan  K
During 1948 and 1949 Bull Moose enjoyed huge record sales with a series of ballads such as “I Love You, Yes I Do” and “Little Girl Don’t Cry.” However on this LP it’s the jumping side of Bull Moose that is to the fore, with instrumentals such as “Hodge Podge,” “Moose on the Loose” and “Moosey.” Two easy swinging vocal efforts have long been among my favourite Bull Moose tracks: “We Ain’t Got Nothin’” and “We Can Talk Some Trash.”

“Big Ten Inch (Record)” is of course one of the all time favourites among fans of real R&B. Recorded with the Tiny Bradshaw band in 1952, it not only has wickedly salacious “leerics” but also equally brazen sax solos by Rufus Gore and Red Prysock.

As the 1950s wore on, Bull Moose’s fortunes faded and his King contract ended in 1955. Thereafter he had a few recordings issued on small labels, including a rerecording of “I Love You, Yes I Do” which had some modest sales in the early 1960s, but like so many of his R&B contemporaries he slipped into obscurity and a job outside music. However, when interest in 1940s jive and jump revived in the 1980s, Bull Moose was brought back from musical limbo for a series of festival appearances and new recordings. He died of lung cancer in July 1989.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Moose On The Loose (Mega)

1. Chittlin' Switch – Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra (New York, February 26, 1946, Decca 18835)

2. Hold Him Joe (Cincinnati, August 1945, King 4100)

3. We Ain't Got Nothin' (Cincinnati, August 1945, King 4102)

4. Just In Case You Change Your Mind (New York, December 20, 1945, Queen / King 4109)

5. Jammin' And Jumpin' (New York, December 20, 1945, Queen / King 4107)

6. Bad Man Jackson, That's Me (New York, December 19, 1945, Queen / King 4116)

7. Moose On The Loose (New York, 1947, Super Disc 1056 / MGM 10234)

8. Sometimes I Wonder (Cincinnati, April 18, 1950, King 4373)

9. Houston Texas Gal (New York, August 1947, King 4305)

10. Moosey (St Louis, February 18, 1949, King 4288)

11. We Can Talk Some Trash (New York, September 15 or 17, 1947, King 4250)

12. Oh John (New York, September 15 or 17, 1947, King 4280)

13. End This Misery (New York, May 4, 1951, King 4462)

14. Bearcat Blues (New York, February 6, 1952, King 4551)

15. Big Ten-Inch Record (Cincinnati, October 6, 1952, King 4580)

16. Hodge-Podge (New York, May 27, 1953, King 4655)

Mo’ Bull Moose

On the blog:

“Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again”

“Moosey / “Little Girl Don’t Cry”

Recommended Purchases:

“Bad Man Jackson That’s Me” has been around since 1990. The 1997 Nestshare issue of this 22 track comp of the best bluesers and jumpers by Bull Moose has very informative liner notes by Dave Penny.

More recently there was a similar comp in the Proper Introduction series – “Bad Man Jackson” with a few extra tracks.

Those of you who wish to immerse yourself in the waxings of Bull Moose can seek salvation in the Chronological Classics series. Three CDs cover his output from 1945 to 1953.

At the time of writing all of the above were available as CDs from and some were available as mp3 downloads.


Anonymous said...

I've always loved the Moose and was first introduced to his music around 1980, through one of the Route 66 LPs. I wonder if he was ever filmed - shame if not, he and his band must have put on quite a rockin' live show. Though I already have the music featured in today's post, I add to my education every week by reading your commentary. Thanks Boogie Woody!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wooly Booger!

Lee_Dailey said...

howdy boogiewoody,

what fun stuff! thank you _very_ much. now to see if i can get the chronological cds ...

take care,

boogiewoody said...

Fun stuff, indeed, Lee! I don't have the Bull Moose chronological classic CDs but any CDs I've bought in that series have been spot on!

Sorry your blog has gone, Marie. I remember there used to be a pic of Bull Moose on the sidebar, the same pic that's on the front of this LP, perhaps?

Wooly Booger (son of Wooly Bully)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boogiewoody,
I'm sorry too. It is the same pic - do you want me to email it to you? Marie

boogiewoody said...

Hi Marie -

Yes please, then I'll put on the sidebar as a little reminder of Catch That Train ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Boogiewoody, Let me know if you didn't receive the Bull Moose pic. Marie

boogiewoody said...

Got the pic, thanks Marie!

Private Beach said...

I first heard "Big Ten Inch" in a version by Dana Gillespie. While that one doesn't appear to be available online, it's good to hear the original.

boogiewoody said...

I haven't heard the Dana Gillespie version, Rod. Glad you like the original, though

Baron said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

can you reup this, please? Just heard big ten inch on wfmu. thanks.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Anonymous - I'm currently trying to re-upload both Bull Moose LPs but a slow internet connection is stopping me. Both LPs should be re-upped in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...

thank you. i will check back in a few days.

boogiewoody said...

New links to both Bull Moose LPs are up - in the original posts and in a new post at the top of the blog. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

awesome. just d/l it . thanks again