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Sunday, 24 July 2011

I Ain't Mad At You - Update

Buddy Johnson - originator of "I Ain't Mad At You?"
Back in March of this year I posted a short 4 track playlist based around the songs "I Ain't Mad At You" and "I Ain't Mad At You Pretty Baby." It kicked off with the 1945 Gatemouth Moore release on National - "I Ain't Mad At You Pretty Baby," and continued with "Jesse Price's "I Ain't Mad At You," released on Capitol in 1946. This track generated a cover version by Count Basie which had a scat style vocal by Taps Miller. The playlist was rounded off by a wild version by the Jones Boys which was recorded for Gotham in the early 1950s but was unreleased at the time.

Move over Buddy Love, here comes Gatemouth!
Comments with more info were kindly sent in by davep369. The Gatemouth Moore track which is from the Savoy Jazz 2LP set "The Shouters" was in fact an alternate take to the released version. There was also a later version by former Cootie Williams Orchestra trumpeter and vocalist Bob Merrill (actual surname Merrell). This version was recorded in New York in 1960 or 1961 and was issued on the Bargain label by Bobby "Mr Blues" Merrell. It's a rough and rowdy piece of rock 'n' roll which I've added to the end of the playlist.

And now davep369 has pointed out a version which was recorded 3 years before the Gatemouth Moore recording. On January 26th 1942, the Buddy Johnson Orchestra recorded "I Ain't Mad With You," with a vocal by trumpeter Chester Boone. It's an obvious influence on Gatemouth's song, but he has added his own lyrics which explore the subject of a two timin' dame in much more depth than the one verse sung by Chester Boone could possibly do.

I found the Buddy Johnson version which was originally released on Decca 8640, lurking deep down in my hard disk, so now it kicks off the extended playlist. Also to note - Gatemouth Moore first recorded "I Ain't Mad At You Pretty Baby" for the small Kansas City label Gilmore's Chez Paree early in 1945. The Jesse Price song differs significantly from Gatemouth's exasperated litany of accusations against the object of his affections. Price's "I Ain't Mad At You" is a gentle, almost wistful plea for his woman to come back. I prefer the Jesse Price approach, sentimentalist that I am.

Here is the extended six track playlist:

You can read the original "I Ain't Mad At You" post here.

You can read more about Bob Merrill and download some of his work with Cootie Williams on the post "Typhoon."

With thanks to davep369.


The DoorKeeper said...

That's a nice version, too. Fun listening to this playlist again.

dj ny said...

The Jones Boys is a great track, has such a loose feel.

Cassy said...

I enjoyed listening to the playlist. Great shared.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Online

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the comments folks. The Jones Boys also did a mad version of "Night Train." I still don't know anything about them, though.

milo said...

Rory Gallagher did I rockin' blues version of the song in his live set. Here's a link to a youtube one. Let me know if you want an audio file of it. Milo.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks very much for the link Milo. I think I'll forego the audio file, thanks, as I've got a huge backlog of music to listen to.

I always liked Rory Gallagher. His "Live In Europe" LP was a fave with me and my buddies back in my student days. Last night on TV there was a retrospective of the BBC music programme of the 1970s the "Old Grey Whistle Test" and there was a clip of Rory.