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Saturday 2 July 2011

One-Nighter Boogie - Illinois Jacquet

Once more El Enmascarado sweats blood to bring us a rip from one of his collection of 78 rpm discs. And as if that weren't enough, he has also made a "mash up" video using public domain footage from the Internet Archive to provide atmospheric visuals for the cool sound of  "One-Nighter Boogie" by Illinois Jacquet.

"One Nighter-Boogie" was recorded in New York on the 24th May 1951. The band consisted of: Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax); Hank Jones (piano); John Collins (guitar); Gene Ramey (bass); Art Blakey (drums). It was released on Mercury as the B-side of "Port of Rico" which was an R&B chart hit in 1952.

It's a cool, insistent little instro from a year when there were several big instrumental hits including Jimmy Forrest's "Night Train," Earl Bostic's "Flamingo" and Sonny Thompson's "Mellow Blues (1 & 2)." At this time Illinois was recording and performing with a large group, but at this session he opted for a stripped back lineup which in my opinion provides a better backing for his tenor sax. I first came across "One-Nighter Boogie" on the LP "Groovin with Jacquet" and I have also included a vinyl rip from that album, so that you can enjoy both the shellac and the vinyl experience (via mp3, though). 

Listen to both versions here:

So that you can appreciate the work that El Enmascarado puts into producing listenable rips, here's a photo of the disc, which as you can see is in pretty poor condition and therefore required a considerable amount of TLC via Audacity in order to render the mp3 rip listenable.

And last, but far from least, here is El Enmascarado's video mash up which incorporates footage from the 1948 cheapo exploitation movie "Killer Diller." The band is the Andy Kirk Orchestra which was at that time on the verge of breaking up. The sax players out front with bandleader Kirk are Ray Abrams and Shirley Green. You can see the full movie (which also includes the King Cole Trio) at

And here's the "One-Nighter Boogie" video:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Boogiewoody and El Enmascarado! A very entertaining post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boogiewoody . . . I like the new look!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks, BMB. It's the result of time spent on fooling around with Photofiltre, hence the lack of a recent post. But fear not, the next post will be along in a few days!