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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Joan Spins Again! – Volume 2

Side 1
1 Half Angel - The Twilighters
2 Dynaflow - The Caverliers
3 The Greatest Of Them All - The Demens
4 Please Remember My Heart - The Five Bells
5 I Want Your Love - The Mellow Drops
6 Squeeze Me Baby - The Crystals
7 Pretty Baby, Baby - The Gazelles
8 So Worried - The Five Hollywood Bluejays
9 Crying Over You - The Hornets

Side 2
1 You Will Always Find Me True - The Billy Dawn Quartet
2 The Darkest Night - The Gems
3 Treat Me Right - The Love Notes
4 Come On And Rock - The Dukes
5 Bop-Alena - The Shadows
6 We Two - The Belvederes
7 Why Oh Why - The Tru-Tones
8 Two Time Heart - The Bombers
9 Good Old 99 - The Marylanders

Joan K brings us another selection of rare vocal group rhythm and blues in the second volume of her new series Joan Spins Again!

Volume 2 is a fascinating mix of ballads, blues, and some of the wildest vocal group records I’ve ever heard. “Dynaflow,” “Squeeze Me Baby,” “Pretty Baby, Baby,” “You Will Always Find Me True” and “Bop-Alena” in particular should all appeal to fans of rocking R&B. The Gazelles would give The Lamplighters a run for their money any day. It’s vocal group R&B just the way I like it with hoarse voiced tenor leads, down in the alley baritones, burbling bassmen and wailin’ backing from jump blues combos. More please, Joan!

Recorded at various bitrates. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from – rapidshare link

Or from – alternative link

Listen to some highlights in the playlist below. I’ve selected three rockers plus one tearstained slab of heartache which may well have me reaching for the 12 year old malt whisky again. I blame Joan.

1 - The Twilighters - Half Angel - MGM 55014 -1955
2 - The Caverliers - Dynaflow - Atlas 1031 -1954
3 - The Demens - The Greatest of Them All - Teenage 1008 -1957
4 - The Five Bells - Please Remember My Heart - Stolper 100
5 - The Mello-Drops - I Want Your Love – Imperial - Unreleased
6 - The Crystals - Squeeze Me Baby - Luna 101 -1954
7 - The Gazelles - Pretty Baby, Baby - Gotham 315 -1956
8 - The Five Hollywood Blue Jays - So Worried - Recorded In Hollywood 185 -1951
9 - The Hornets - Crying Over You - Flash 125 -1957
10 - The Billy Dawn Quartet - You Will Always Find Me True - Firefly 332
11 - The Gems - The Darkest Night - Drexel 909 -1956
12 - The Love Notes - Treat Me Right
13 - The Dukes - Come On And Rock - Imperial (Unreleased)
14 - The Shadows - Bop-Alena - Delta 1509 -1958
15 - The Belvederes - We Two - Baton 217 -1955
16 - The True-Tones - Why Oh Why
17 - The Bombers - Two Time Heart - Orpheus 1105 -1956
18 - The Marylanders - Good Old 99 - Jubilee 5114 -1953


Woodworker said...

Joan sure can pick 'em!

enoch said...

a new comp from Joan makes me sooooo happy. i have been waiting for this day. Thank You, Joan!!!!


jim said...

After listening to your samples, I can't hardly wait to hear the whole thing! Thanks.

lemonflag said...


Anonymous said...

magnificent! many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joan.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blogfull of music! Thankyou so much, I've just found you, and I'm goggle-eyed at all the lovely stuff you have collected here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Boogiewoody, usually I don't collect doo-wop, but your selection are fantastic. your doo-wop is mixed with jive-jump-shout-blues-jazz so I love them!!
Only song more similar to the teeny style, that I don't love, is "Half Angel" by the Twilighters. But the others are greats!!! So Thanks!

boogiewoody said...

Nice comment(s) but I must emphasise - this is Joan's selection, so all praise goes to her goodself!


Siggy said...

many tanx! to Joan!

BTW, the alt link at MediaFire worked well. They have a reasonably clean interface as compared to some others.