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Saturday 3 March 2012

Jump & Jive on 78 Volume 1

We present a compilation "LP" of El Enmascarado's rips from shellac for your downloadable listening and dancing pleasure. Programmed by your blogmeister for maximum moving and grooving, this virtual disc is guaranteed to provide hours of toetapping fun for the discerning fan of 1940s jump blues.

Check out Jumpin' on 78  and More Jumpin' and Jivin' on 78 for links to the original posts of these discs where you can find out all the background info on who played what and when. The sharp eyed among you will have noticed that Joe Liggins' "A Lovers Lament" / "Miss Betty's Blues" is not included here. We're saving it for a planned second volume.

The download includes all label scans plus an rtf document with the notes from the original posts. These sides are ripped from original 78 rpm discs so surface noise is unavoidable.

Side 1
1 Blow Wynn Blow - Jim Wynn
2 Strato-Cruiser - Joe Lutcher
3 Dripper's Boogie Part 1 - Joe Liggins
4 Dripper's Boogie Part 2 - Joe Liggins
5 Jealousy - Tiny Grimes
6 Sonny's Return - Sonny Thompson
7 Nite-Flite - Lloyd Glenn
8 Little Girl Don't Cry - Bull Moose Jackson
9 Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby - Amos Milburn

Side 2
1 Well Oh Well - Tiny Bradshaw
2 Bow Wow - Amos Milburn
3 The Sidewalks Of New York - Tiny Grimes
4 Sunday Blues - Joe Lutcher
5 Moosey - Bull Moose Jackson
6 J.W. Bop - Jim Wynn
7 I Hate You - Tiny Bradshaw
8 Still Waters - Lloyd Glenn
9 Late Freight - Sonny Thompson


Exeter said...

Cool comp!


Exeter said...


This is the REAL stuff!

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love this series! Thanks Boogiewoody and the mighty Masked One. Marie

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful stuff! Thanks for putting it here!

Dan_invader said...

Great!!! our blog would be considered public necessity ;-)

martin said...

fabby, fabby, fab, fab!

martin said...

Listening to this today while working from home. It's making work more bearable, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

may the file be corrupted?
I try 3 times but I can't opened it :(

boogiewoody said...

Hi Anonymous

I've just downloaded the file from Rapidshare, opened it using WinRAR, and played the music on Windows Media Player. Everything is ok.

Did you use the password: greaseyspoon to open the file after you downloaded it?

Winzip won't open the file - you can use free programs such as IZArc or 7-Zip to open it.


dlwilson26 said...

trying to download this collection, I get the same responses: password needed for one; file deleted for the other.

boogiewoody said...

I've just renewed my rapidshare pro account - you should hopefully be able to use the rapidshare link now.

I've tried uploading to zippyshare but the file disappeared into limbo.


Eric said...

Thank you for this and several other great offerings. I am going to enjoy exploring the music.