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Sunday 24 February 2013

Blow "Mr. Low-Blow" / Lyin' Girl Blues - Red Saunders and his Orchestra (Columbia 30218)

Recorded in Chicago, June 15th, 1950. Personnel: Hot Lips Page, Sonny Cohn (trumpets); Harlan Floyd, John Avant (trombones); Porter Kilbert (alto sax); Leon Washington (tenor sax); McKinley Easton (baritone sax); Earl Washington (piano); Jimmy Richardson (bass); Jumpin' Joe Williams (vocal); Sonny Blount (arranger).

Once more we thank El Enmascarado for the rips and label shots from this deejay special issue of a fine 78 rpm disc by Red Saunders, featuring some great blues shouting by Joe Williams. Band leader and drummer Red Saunders was a prominent performer and recording artist on the Chicago jazz and R&B scene from the late 1930s until the late 1960s. He backed T-Bone Walker on his early recordings for Rhumboogie and Mercury and also played on some of Big Joe Turner's sessions for National. As named artist, Red recorded for Savoy in 1945, Sultan in 1946, Score in 1947 and Supreme in 1948.

In June 1950, Red started recording for Columbia, this disc being the only one he released on that label, the rest of his Columbia recordings being released on their Okeh subsidiary with whom he stayed until 1953. His only hit came in 1952 - "Hambone" released on Okeh 6862, credited to Red Saunders and his Orchestra with Dolores Hawkins and the Hambone Kids. Joe Williams performed live with the Red Saunders band in Chicago, particularly at the Club DeLisa which was the home base for Red for many years. He also featured on many of Red's recordings for Columbia and Okeh. In 1954 he joined the Count Basie band with whom he achieved stardom.

The above is the briefest of outlines of part of Red Saunders' career. There is much, much more to be found at the incredible Red Saunders Research Foundation website which explores the Chicago R&B scene in tremendous depth. The article on Red Saunders can be found here.

At the Club Delisa, 1942.

Photograph: Jack Delano. One of a series of 10 now at the Library of Congress website:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Boogiewoody & El Enmascarado! It's a thrill hearing these vintage gems and I love the baritone sax.

Thanks also Boogiewoody for the link - it's much appreciated!

boogiewoody said...

McKinley Easton is the man on baritone sax - I should have highlighted that more on the post!


teledyn said...

That "Sonny Blount (arranger)" will be later known across the solar system as Le Sony'r Ra aka "Sun Ra"

philo said...

Great record. Also the sound quality of the 78 is incredible.

dlwilson26 said...

mrG beat me to the punch. But those recordings are quite a catch. Sun Ra was very active in Chicago at that time. Listening to him is like a history lesson in Afro-american music.