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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jesse Powell - Blow Man Blow (Jubilee JLP 1113)

Side 1
1. Jesse's Theme
2. Blue And Sentimental
3. Cross On The Green
4. I Cover The Waterfront
5. I've Got You Under My Skin
6. Our Love Is Here To Stay

Side 2
1. This Is Always
2. My Silent Love
3. Que Paso
4. No Tomorrow
5. But Beautiful
6. Just Chips

Recorded and released in New York, 1959. Personnel: Jesse Powell (tenor sax), with Eddie Williams (trumpet); Henderson Chambers (trombone); Norman Thornton (baritone sax); Oscar Dennard piano); Peck Morrison (bass); Wilbert Hogan (drums).

Thanks to El Enmascarado for his work on restoring this slab of vintage vinyl.

It’s a Valentine’s Day special post on Be Bop Wino! This LP features mainly smooth and romantic jazz tracks from Jesse Powell. So pop this on the virtual turntable and get all smoochy with the one you love.
Jesse Powell was one of those innumerable Texas tenor players. Born in Fort Worth in 1924, he majored in music at Hampton University, graduating in 1942. He turned professional with the Hot Lips Page Band, staying for a year before joining Louis Armstrong in 1943 and then moving to the Luis Russell Orchestra a year later. In 1946 he replaced Illinois Jacquet in the Count Basie band. He then formed his own band and played on several blues sessions for Brownie McGhee and Champion Jack Dupree, but gave that up to spend a year in the Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra until 1950.

His next recording date is well known to R&B fans as it was the November 1951 session for Federal backing Fluffy Hunter on the notorious “The Walking Blues” and “My Natch’l Man.” In October 1953 he had a second session for Federal, recording four good R&B numbers – “Love To Spare” / “Rear Bumper” (Federal 12159) and “Leaving Tonight” / “Hot Box” (Federal 12171). These four tracks were featured on the old Westside CD “Groove Station” which utilized the artwork from “Blow Man Blow” on its back cover.

Jesse continued his R&B career through the 1950s with sessions for Josie and Jubilee, mainly as an arranger and session man on vocal group sessions, particularly with The Cadillacs. He released three solo singles on Josie – “Moonlight In Vermont” / “Riggin’” (Josie 782), “Can’t Help Myself, Parts 1 and 2” (Josie 799) and “Turnpike” / “Ain’t You Gonna” (Josie 834).

The session at which Josie 782 was recorded also brought forth a couple of novelty numbers by Jesse – “The Head Hunters” and “Scotch On The Rocks”, the latter with bagpipe accompaniment. These two sides were released as by The Goofers on Port 7006.

The Josie and Port tracks featured on the Sequel CDs “Jumping At Jubilee” and “Saxophony!” and also on the Westside CD “Titanic And 23 Other Unsinkable Sax Blasters.”
After recording “Blow Man Blow” Jesse had two more LPs released in the early 1960s – “It’s Party Time” on Tru-Sound and “A Taste Of Honey” on Kapp. Jesse Powell died in New York in October 1982.
 Now let’s get romantic with Jesse:

Download from here:

Or here:

No password! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Anonymous said...

This came from a huge buy I made a while back. Older relatives had given a young couple an entire room full of boxes of records, plus a large stash of big band arrangements from the 30s/40s. It took three visits to look through everything they had. I had never heard of Jesse Powell, but the cover screamed "Buy Me! Buy Me!" The vinyl itself was in quite disappointing condition, but I bought it anyway. It took a long time to edit that many scratchy songs. Put this on softly in the background, the next time your favorite senorita comes over- The Masked One

Unknown said...

smooooooth and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Groovy tunes today!



Anonymous said...

I love this LP. I have it in mono but I'm glad to get a digital version, too.

BTW, Jesse played on Billy Butler's LP 'Night life' - his only album with extended solos.


bluebird said...

Thanks for this - check out pianist Oscar Dennard. Didn't record much and died young.