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Saturday, 15 April 2017

After Hours (King LP 528) - re-up

Side 1:
01. Long Gone Part 1 - Sonny Thompson
02. Long Gone Part 2 - Sonny Thompson
03. After Hours - Ace Harris
04. Midnight To Dawn - Earl Bostic
05. What's New - Bill Jennings
06. Ooh Midnight - Pete "Guitar" Lewis

Side 2:
01. After Hours - Jimmy Nolen
02. Eventide - Bill Doggett
03. Blues For The Red Boy - Todd Rhodes
04. Mellow Blues Part 1 - Sonny Thompson
05. Mellow Blues Part 2 - Sonny Thompson
06. In The Morning - Washboard Bill

Download from here:

After Hours (King LP 528) Mega

Originally posted on March 11th, 2008:

New cover scans and label shots have been added. The original back cover managed to attribute all four artist photos wrongly, so in the new version I have moved the photos around to match the names. The original back cover scan is included in the download for completists.

This LP was first issued in late 1956 with subsequent reissues appearing in the late 1950s and early 1960s as this collection was a fairly good seller for King. The copy on this post is a 1987 reissue. The music can be summed up as late night blues smooch with a hint of sleaze. Terrific stuff!

You'll find a little "Easter Egg" in the download. Happy listening!

Diggin' deeper:

"Long Gone, Parts 1 & 2" by Sonny Thompson - originally released on Miracle 126 in April 1948. Recorded in Chicago in late 1947. Personnel: Sonny Thompson with the Sharps and Flats : Eddie Chamblee (tenor sax - Part 2); Sonny Thompson (piano); Alvin Garrett (guitar); Leroy Morrison (bass); Thurman "Red Cooper (drums).

"After Hours" by Ace Harris - originally released on Hub 3019 in May 1946. B Side of "Shorty's Got To Go." Recorded in NYC on unknown date in 1946. Ace Harris (piano) and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (tenor sax), other personnel unknown. Also included on King EP 344 "After Hours with Ace Harris."

King EP from 1955 - scan from
"Midnight To Dawn" by Earl Bostic - originally released on King 4302 in June 1949 as "From Midnight To Dawn." Recorded in Cincinnati on January 12th 1949. Personnel: Roger Jones (trumpet); Earl Bostic (alto sax); Count Hastings (tenor sax); John Byard (piano); Vernon King (bass); Shep Shepherd (drums).

"What's New" by Bill Jennings - originally released on King 4735 in August 1954. The Bill Jennings Quartet - "Soft Winds" / "What's New?" Recorded in Cincinnati on July 8th 1954. Personnel - Andrew Johnson (piano); Bill Jennings (guitar); Joe Williams (bass); George De Hart (drums).

"Ooh Midnight" by Pete "Guitar" Lewis - originally released on Federal 12103 in October 1952. B Side of "Scratchin'." Recorded in Los Angeles on August 28th 1952. Personnel: Pete "Guitar" Lewis (guitar) with Don Johnson (trumpet); George Washington (trombone); James Von Streeter (tenor sax), Fred Ford (baritone sax); Johnny Otis (vibes); Devonia Williams (piano); Albert Winston (bass); Leard Bell (drums); Little Esther Phillips (orgiastic moaning).

"After Hours" by Jimmy Nolen - originally released on Federal 12252 in January 1956. B Side of "Strollin' With Nolen." Recorded in Los Angeles in November 1955. Personnel: Jimmy Nolen (guitar); Eldee Williams (tenor sax); Kenny Battle (baritone sax); Clarence "Bubber" Cyphers (piano); Johnny House (bass); Earl Hyde (drums).

"Eventide" by Bill Doggett - originally released on King 4690 in January 1954. B Side of "And The Angels Sing." Recorded in Cincinnati on 15th December 1953. Personnel: Percy France (tenor sax); Bill Doggett (organ); Jerry Lane (guitar); Clarence Mack (bass); Shep Shepherd (drums).

"Blues For The Red Boy" by Todd Rhodes - originally released on King 4240 in August 1948. B side of "Sportree's Jump," however "Blues For The Red Boy" was the  major hit. Recorded in Chicago in October 1947. Personnel: Howard Thompson (trumpet); Hallie (Holley) Dismukes (alto sax); Louis Barnett (tenor sax); George Favors (baritone sax); Todd Rhodes (piano); Joe Williams (bass) Huestell Tally (drums).

The Todd Rhodes Band in 1947
"Mellow Blues, Parts 1 & 2" by Sonny Thompson - originally released on King 4488 in January 1952. Recorded in New York on 9th April 1951. Personnel: Robert Hadley (tenor sax); Sonny Thompson (piano); Hurley Ramey (guitar); Carl Pruitt (bass); Harold Austin (drums).

"In The Morning" by Washboard Bill - originally released on King 4983 in November 1956, b/w "River Boat Dock." Recorded in New York in 1956(?). Personnel - William E. Cooke aka "Washboard Bill" aka "Hobo Bill" (washboard, vocals); Mickey Baker (guitar); King Curtis (tenor sax); possibly also: Herman Foster (piano), Lloyd Trotman (bass), Joe Marshall or Panama Francis (drums).

Mo' jump 'n' jive re-ups comin' soon - all the way from Detroit and LA. Take me home, mama!


Don Rocin said...

Its annoying when lists of influential guitarists are proffered that Pete "Guitar" Lewis is never there. Its even more frustrating when theories about who was the first to distort the guitar always end up refering to stories about amps beings dropped, lose valves or torn speakers.
As a sideman, Lewis was fuzzing his notes in the late forties with Johnny Otis and that great solo in '51 on the Dominoes' The Deacon Moves In.
Maybe a post on the great sideman, eh boogiewoody? Maybe you've already done it.
Anyhoo, I'd nominate Lewis, Floyd Murphy, Pat Hare, Grady Martin, Billy Williamson, Art Ryerson, Leon McAuliffe, Eldon Shamblin, Bob Dunn, there's so many. Plus there's the greats like James Burton, Danny Cedrone, Scotty Moore, Hank Garland - even Lonnie Johnson's fantastic work as a sideman.
I'd love to hear your and your followers ideas on who played great and invisibly. Be Bop Wino's International Month of the Great Guitar Sidemen. Just a thought. Thanks for the post and this brilliant site.

KurtGS said...

Thanx for this masterpiece! From Cootie Williams & His Orchestra - Echoes Of Harlem (feb -17) up until now there has been an uniterrupted string of masterpieces. No other blog comes even close to this!
Thanx again!

boogiewoody said...

Jeez Don, you're putting us all on the spot here! Off the top of my head - Bill Jennings, Billy Butler, Mickey Baker, Kenny Burrell, Cal Green, Tiny Grimes. Most of them recorded as leaders but they also recorded as sidemen. There are loads more but I need to put my thinking cap on!

Thanks Kurt - there are plenty of excellent blogs around!


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this BW...and the Easter Egg.

Don Rocin said...

Thanks for your list there BoogieWoody. Never heard of any of them, which is great.
Just listened to some Mickey Baker tracks on YTube which were brilliant. How did I miss this guy? Will get to your others, this week.

Exeter said...

I had a .rar file of this LP and was trying to figure out the password.... and I found your kind offer, with no PW!
Thanks a lot!

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

I had all the King and Federal compilations such as this one, the King/Federal CD sampler (the one that says "banging out the hits"),t6he King New Breed R&B issues, even the obscure "look who's surfin' now" comp by King.. - in FLAC, no less. I got hit by a douible whammy though.. my records got stolen, well, actually, tmy car got stolen, and the records were in he boot , back from getting them appraised, then my hard drive (a new one, BTW) kicked it, losing every rip of every King/Federal and Ace I had. Thought I got lucky here but seems the links are all dead.. from the point where they just have the zippy links and no mega ones. You suppose you might be able to reup all those King Comps? Thanx,Doc

boogiewoody said...

Hi Doccus - new Mega link now up for After Hours. Commiserations on the double whammy - truly horrific. Can you let me know which King comps you're referring to for new links? I'll see what I can do, although warning - I too had a hard drive crash a few months ago and lost some stuff. Anyway - send me a list for re-ups and I'll have a go.


Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Thanks it really was one of my favorites of the comps.
Well i've tried to cobble together a list of what I still haven't been able to replace. I managed to find much over the last 3 years (has it already been that long?) but not the Earl Bostic.. I remember having all the ones you had posted.. also think they were in stereo too!
Using your blog as a guide..

- the 4 Bostic ones you've posted
- King R&B All-stars
- The King/Federal CD sampler (front says "King keeps on banging out the hits" and the back says "good rockin' in here")
 - King New Breed R&B .. there's several issues and volumes but can't recall which was which now..
- and one I doubt you have but you ever know.. called "Look Who's Surfin' Now" King 882 . Gone now too, but used to have a list of the original titles of the songs used, as they were all renamed to fit in with the theme of the album..
- Also Hard luck blues Roy brown … Think this (and a couple others) probably came from here anyways..
And also.. I had all the "Old King Gold" ones, some of which you've posted on your blog, so got somewhat caught up…. OKG #3 link is dead, though..
That's all I can remember.. Thanks!

ivan said...


Great record. I've owned most of the different cover variations over the years and I'm curious: where are the photos mis-attributed? Any copy I've seen correctly lists Doggett, Bostic, Jennings, and Sonny Thompson.