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Friday, 28 April 2017

The El Dorados - Low Mileage - High Octane

Side 1:
01. A Fallen Tear
02. My Loving Baby
03. At My Front Door
04. There In The Night
05. Love Of My Own
06. Bim Bam Boom
07. Now That You've Gone
08. I Began To Realize

Side 2:
01. A Rose For My Darling
02. I'll Be Forever Loving You
03. It's No Wonder
04. One More Chance
05. Rock 'N Roll's For Me
06. Lord Knows I Tried
07. 3 Reasons Why

Download from here:

This LP was originally posted in the early days of the blog (March 2008) but for this post I have re-digitized the record and ripped new mp3s. I've also added new cover and label scans, so this download falls outwith the normal definition of "re-up."

Lately "Be Bop Wino" has been concentrating on the jazz / jump side of R&B but today we kick off a series of vocal group posts starting with Chicago group The El Dorados. They are of course best known for their big hit "At My Front Door" which reached number 17 in the pop charts in October 1955, but the rest of their work is first rate, from the bluesy "One More Chance" to the tender "A Rose For My Darling." No matter what the material, whether sentimental or rockin' and rollin', The El Dorados remain classy. Beware, there are quite a few ear worms in this collection.

As always when it comes to vocal group information the go-to place is Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks site. His article on The El Dorados is here:

Original release details of the tracks on "Low Mileage - High Octane":

01. A Fallen Tear - Vee-Jay 197, July 1956
02. My Loving Baby -  Vee-Jay 115, September 1954
03. At My Front Door - Vee-Jay 147, June 1955
04. There In The Night - Vee-Jay 211, August 1956
05. Love Of My Own - unreleased
06. Bim Bam Boom - Vee-Jay 211, August 1956
07. Now That You've Gone - Vee-Jay 180, March 1956
08. I Began To Realize - Vee-Jay 165, November 1955
09. A Rose For My Darling - Vee-Jay 250, July 1957
10. I'll Be Forever Loving You - Vee-Jay 165, November 1955
11. It's No Wonder - unreleased
12. One More Chance - Vee-Jay 127, February 1955
13. Rock 'N Roll's For Me - Vee-Jay 180, March 1956
14. Lord Knows I Tried - unreleased
15. 3 Reasons Why - Vee-Jay 263, January 1958

Mo' vocal group action coming your way soon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Be Bop Vino, gotta love that doo-wop. George.

Frank M. Young said...

I bought this LP on a whim years ago and have returned to it many times. It's a perfectly arranged collection. The songs flow really well and, as you say, there are many earworm moments. It's good to see this album again! Thank you!

boogiewoody said...

Cheers George. Big, big doo-wop post coming soon ...

Anonymous said...

Love "My Front Door". Looking forward to the rest. Thanks!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Frank. I hadn't listened to this collection for years - I was surprised at how good it is.

Anonymous said...

So this was originally posted a year before I started searching the World Wide Web for music that I liked. Many thanks.

I too am anonymous.