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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Nashville Jumps (R&B From Bullet 1946-1953) Re-Upped

Side One:
01. Nashville Jumps - Cecil Gant
02. Loose As A Goose - Cecil Gant
03. Lightning Struck The Poorhouse - Wynonie Harris
04. Dig This Boogie - Wynonie Harris
05. Anna Mae - Cecil Gant
06. No Good Woman Blues - Rudy Greene
07. Going Down Slow - St. Louis Jimmy
08. Buzzard Pie - Rudy Greene

Side Two:
01. I Got The Blues - B.B. King
02. Miss Martha King - B.B. King
03. Take A Swing With Me - B.B. King
04. When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes - B.B. King
05. Nobility Boogie - Red Miller Trio
06. Candy Man Blues - Roosevelt Sykes
07. My Baby Left Me - Little Eddie
08. Certainly All - Guitar Slim

In answer to a re-up request, here's "Nashville Jumps" with two new download links. The original post from March 2013 with information, recommended further reading and interesting comments below the line can be found here:

This collection contains B.B. King's first recordings.

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soulpapa said...

Looks great! Thanks!