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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Illinois Jacquet & Lester Young - Battle Of The Saxes re-up

Side One:
01. Flying Home - Illinois Jacquet
02. Blow Illinois Blow - Illinois Jacquet
03. Goofin' Off - Illinois Jacquet
04. Illinois Blows The Blues - Illinois Jacquet

Side Two:
01. D.B. Blues - Lester Young
02. Lester Blows Again - Lester Young
03. On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Lester Young
04. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid - Lester Young

A requested re-up of a reconstruction of an early Aladdin LP from 1951 which I originally posted back in April 2009. I used some artwork from Joan plus rips from vinyl LPs to reconstruct this 10 inch LP. The original post with more of Joan's artwork on display is here:

The LP consists of sides recorded by Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet in the 1940s for the then new indy label Aladdin, and its immediate predecessor Philo.

The Illinois Jacquet Sides

Flying Home recorded in July 1945 in Los Angeles. Personnel: Russell Jacquet (trumpet); Henry Coker (trombone); Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax); Arthur Dennis (baritone sax); Sir Charles Thompson (piano); Ulysses Livingston (guitar); Billy Hadnott (bass); Johnny Otis (drums). Originally issued as Philo 101.

Blow Illinois Blow and Illinois Blows The Blues recorded on 1st April 1947 in New York. Personnel: Fats Navarro, Joe Newman, Russell Jacquet (trumpets); Jay Jay Johnson (trombone); Jimmy Powell (alto sax); Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax); Leo Parker (baritone sax); Sir Charles Thompson (piano); Freddy Green (guitar); Al Lucas (bass); Shadow Wilson (drums). Both sides originally released on Aladdin 3001.

Goofin' Off  recorded on 10th September 1947 in New York. Personnel: Joe Newman, Russell Jacquet (trumpets); Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax); Leo Parker (baritone sax); Sir Charles Thompson (piano); John Collins (guitar); A1 Lucas (bass); Shadow Wilson (drums). Originally released on Aladdin 3011.

The Lester Young Sides

D.B. Blues and Lester Blows Again recorded on 20th December 1945 in Los Angeles. Personnel: Vic Dickenson (trombone); Lester Young (tenor sax); Dodo Marmarosa (piano); Red Callender (bass); Henry Tucker (drums). Both sides originally released on Aladdin 123.

On The Sunny Side Of The Street and Jumpin' With Symphony Sid recorded in October 1946 in Chicago. Personnel: Lester Young (tenor sax); Argonne Thornton (piano); Fred Lacey (guitar); Rodney Richardson (bass); Lyndell Marshall (drums). Jumpin' With Symphony Sid originally released on Aladdin 162. On The Sunny Side Of The Street released on Aladdin 164.

Below is a short film which frequently appears on YouTube. You can currently find it at  -

The film features the contrasting styles of Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet. Directed by Gjon Mili, it is years ahead of its time in look and feel.

The Be Bop Wino summer of rock 'n' roll has come to an unexpected halt as I've broken the stylus on my new turntable! I am currently awaiting the delivery of two new styli, so digitising of vinyl should resume next week! Hang on in there ...


Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, nice LP and I loved the youtube clip, never seen that before and it's classic.

KurtGS said...

Thanx!!! <3