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Friday, 4 October 2019

Bull Moose Jackson Sings His All-Time Hits

Side 1:
01) I Love You Yes I Do
02) I Can't Go On Without You
03) Cherokee Boogie
04) My Little Baby
05) I Want A Bowlegged Woman
06) Have You No Mercy

Side 2:
01) All My Love Belongs To You
02) Little Girl Don't Cry
03) Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
04) Sometimes I Wonder
05) Sneaky Pete
06) I Never Loved Anyone But You

Thanks to Marv for a "restoration" of Audio Lab AL-1524 which was released in March 1960. Of course the 12 sides were originally released as singles on King much earlier, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Most of the music on this album consists of ballads which were big sellers for Bull Moose but there are a few rockers, including the risque "I Want A Bow Legged Woman" and "Sneaky Pete", and the R&B versions of two Country hits - "Cherokee Boogie" originally by "King Of The Hillbilly Piano Players" Moon Mullican, and "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me" which was originally by harmonica ace Wayne Raney.

Billboard, 14th March 1960

I must also thank Joan who supplied the rip of track 4, "My Little Baby" and additional artwork below:

Original 78 rpm release of "Sneaky Pete"

King EP-211, released in 1953

Original release of the tracks on Audio Lab AL-1524

I Love You Yes I Do / Sneaky Pete - King 4181 - October 1947. A double sided hit with "I Love You Yes I Do" reaching number 1 in the R&B chart and number 24 in the pop chart.

All My Love Belongs To You / I Want A Bowlegged Woman - King 4189 - February 1948. The A-Side reached number 3 in the R&B chart, while the B-Side reached number 5.

I Can't Go On Without You / Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones - King 4230 - June 1948. The A-Side was another number 1 R&B hit.

Moosey / Little Girl Don't Cry - King 4288 - April 1949. "Little Girl Don't Cry" was the fifth best selling R&B single of 1949.

Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me / Is That All I Mean To You - King 4322 - October 1949. A-Side was sitting at number 5 in the R&B chart in December 1949.

Sometimes I Wonder / Time Alone Will Tell - King 4373 - June 1950

Without Your Love / Have You No Mercy - King 4422 - December 1950
My Little Baby / Forget And Forgive - King 4433 - April 1951

Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena) / I'm Lucky I Have You - King 4472 - September 1951

I'll Be Home For Christmas / I Never Loved Anyone But You - King 4493 - November 1951

Information from, and Billboard magazine.

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Thanks again to Marv and Joan.


Anonymous said...

B.M.Jackson is back in style again ! Thanks for these appreciated posts.
Best wishes !
- Jay from the North.

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks for this BW...always happy to get some more Bull Moose.

B.B. said...

(...First off . . . NOTHING "racist" intended here. . . . So, try not to read in to it ANY thing of the sort...):

I mean, the great Mr. J had a bit of a horse-y face, some might say, but really...

Absolutely incredible music housed in an inexplicably idiotic album cover design!

(And you thought some of those early James Brown and Little Willie John
KING generic jobs were bad!)

Seriously, we never saw a Hollywood Argyles LP cover with nuthin' but a plastic toy dinosaur onnit...!

I mean, a TOY DOLLS LP with a cartoon elephant, sure . . . Sheesh . . .

Hi yo, dino-saw-'er, indeed.

(...Steps off soap box...)

boogiewoody said...

I'm so used to bad LP cover art that I didn't even notice this one.

Perhaps the worst LP cover from this time that I can think of is an Atlantic LP called "Rock'n Roll" which was in reality a bunch of old R&B tracks. The cover picture consisted of a small rock next to a bread roll.


B.B. said...

Check this one out...

- B.(ad!)

boogiewoody said...

Oh my! A rock, a roll and some Robins (two tweety boids). Thanks B.B. Once seen, it can never be unseen. I wonder if anyone has the tracks for this LP?


B.B. said...

There was a CD reissue of these post-R&B, POP Robins tracks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "WHIPPET" label sides now controlled by GNP-Crescendo are NOT the raucous R&B stuff as done earlier by members of the same group for RCA, Spark, Atco, etc.

In the early amateur rabid R&B rekkid round-up daze, I ordered sight unseen (without being the slightest bit familiar with the material) the '70s GNP LP re-package job and was sorely disappointed.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the tip, B.B.