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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Dame Dreaming With Bill Doggett (King LP 532)

Side 1:
01) Sweet Lorraine
02) Diane
03) Dinah
04) Ramona
05) Cherry
06) Cynthia

Side 2:
01) Jeannie
02) Tangerine
03) Nancy
04) Estrellita
05) Laura
06) Marcheta

Originally issued in April 1957. All tracks with the exception of "Sweet Lorraine" were recorded over two days in December 1956 for this LP. The 12th track from that '56 session was the uproarious "Ram-Bunk-Shush" which was hardly a good fit for an album which some might call "dreamy" others "romantic" and yet others "kitsch." Even if you do find the accumulation of slow tracks a bit too sickly sweet, there are still good moments featuring Clifford Scott and Billy Butler.

This is a "reconstruction" using artwork from the internet and adapted artwork from the CD issue of this album. Download for your listening and dancing (slow) pleasure!

Fax on The Trax

Sweet Lorraine - recorded in Cincinnati, December 15th, 1953. Personnel - Percy France (tenor sax); Bill Doggett (organ); Jerry Lane (guitar); Clarence Mack (bass); Shep Shepherd (drums)

Single release:

Sweet Lorraine / Tailor Made - King 4720 - June 1954

Laura; Diane; Cynthia; Nancy; Marcheta - recorded in Cincinnati, December 20th, 1956. Personnel - Clifford Scott (alto sax, tenor sax); Bill Doggett (organ); Billy Butler (guitar); Edwyn Conley (bass); Shep Shepherd (drums)

Ramona; Tangerine; Dinah; Cherry; Estrellita; Jeannine - recorded in Cincinnati, December 21st, 1956. Personnel as above.

The above 11 tracks were first issued on this LP. The 12 tracks on this LP were also released on 3 EPs - Dame Dreaming With Bill Doggett Volumes 1,2, and 3.


Gill said...

Many Thanks... Looking forward to this, come, happy hour. ;-)

Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, always enjoy listening to Bill.

boogiewoody said...

Cheers, folks! This is an album that I didn't like for many years, but I've recently come round to it a bit more. There have been more R&B oriented Doggett albums on the blog in the past. King seemed to have churned out Doggett and Bostic LPs by the dozen.