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Monday, 11 November 2019

Rock'n Roll Dance Party (King LP 536)

Side 1:
01) Fever - Little Willie John
02) Flamingo - Earl Bostic
03) Seventeen - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets
04) Boogie At Midnight - Roy Brown
05) Cherry Wine - Little Esther
06) Have Mercy Baby - Billy Ward & His Dominoes

Side 2:
01) Soft - Tiny Bradshaw
02) Gumdrop - Otis Williams & His Charms
03) You Ain't Treatin' Me Right - Mac Curtis
04) Sexy Ways - The Midnighters
05) Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris
06) The Goof - Big Jay McNeely

Thanks again to Marv for this reconstituted King LP which was originally issued in 1957. This is one of umpteen LPs issued at that time with the title "Rock'n Roll Dance Party" as record labels scrambled to extract a little more profit from the rock and roll craze. Most of the tracks are old R&B hits, so I guess this falls into one of my favourite sub categories of rock and roll - exploitation!

Of course the tracks by Boyd Bennett (band rock and roll) and Mac Curtis (rockabilly) fall outwith the R&B field, so kind of justify the album title. However, let's not get too hung up on categories and dates, because this is another good listen, just like the previous post! Although I already had all of these tracks somewhere in my collection I enjoyed listening to this album, and as I always say, it's interesting to hear familiar tracks in a new context. Download and play at your next rock'n' roll bash. Thanks Marv. And thanks also to the original uploaders of the artwork, several versions of which are included.

Apologies for the delay in posting but sinusitis has kept me from the keyboard. However here we are again going through the virtual King LP bargain browser and the next couple of posts will also be from King, although on the jazz side. Stay tuned, groovers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

BW !
Marv and Boogiewoody - thanks for a platter to dance-party.
Always makes one feel good to meet this kind of sheer delight.
(too much dull muzak in society nowadays at the backgroud;
those places should give a chance to some dj's of good old r'n'b
instead of letting out disturbing radio-waves of dullness).
Best wishes to you all !
- Jay from the North.