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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Let's Dance With Earl Bostic (King LP 529 stereo)

Side 1:
01) Lover Come Back To Me
02) The Merry Widow Waltz
03) Cracked Ice
04) Song Of The Islands
05) Danube Waves
06) Wrap It Up

Side 2:
01) Blue Skies
02) Ubangi Stomp
03) Cherry Bean
04) Earl's Imagination
05) My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice
06) Liebestraum

To round off the Be Bop Wino Bostickathon of  Earl Bostic King LPs here's a 1959 re-recorded stereo version of the LP originally released as King 395-529 in December 1956.

Original 1956 version in mono

The 1956 LP consisted of tracks which had previously been released as singles, mostly in 1953 and 1954. As with the other early Earl Bostic 12 inch LPs, this one went through several re-releases. It was reissued as King 529 in 1958 with a new cover as shown below:

Between March and June 1959 Earl Bostic re-recorded every LP which he had previously issued in the King 500 series, with the exception of his last release in the series, King 597 "Alto Magic In Hi-Fi: A Dance Party With Bostic."

The albums which were re-recorded in 1959 were:

395-500   The Best Of Bostic
395-503   Earl Bostic For You
395-515   Altotude
395-525   Dance Time
395-529   Let's Dance With Earl Bostic
       547   Invitation To Dance With Bostic
       558   C'mon And Dance With Earl Bostic
       571   Bostic Rocks Hits Of The Swing Age
       583   Bostic Showcase Of Swinging Dance Hits
The first 5 LPs in the series had already been reissued in mono with the prefix 395 removed from their numbers in 1958. They also had been given new covers which were re-used on the 1959 stereo issues. 

Alternative cover for stereo issue of "Let's Dance"

With the exception of "The Merry Widow Waltz", which was recorded during sessions for LPs in the King 600 series, the tracks for the stereo version of "Let's Dance With Earl Bostic" were recorded towards the end of the re-recording sessions in June 1959. The final such session was held on June 15th when nine tracks were recorded for the stereo version of "Invitation To Dance With Bostic" (King 547).

 Recording details for "Let's Dance With Earl Bostic" (stereo):

Los Angeles, January 27th / 28th, 1959
Personnel: Earl Bostic (alto sax); Elmer Schmidt (vibraphone); Sir Charles Thompson (piano); Rene Hall and Allan Seltzer (guitars); Herb Gordy (bass); Earl Palmer (drums) -

The Merry Widow Waltz

Cincinnati, June 9th and 10th, 1959
Personnel: Earl Bostic (alto sax); Roland Johnson (vibraphone); Joe Thomas (piano); Warren Stephens and Allan Seltzer (guitars); Herb Gordy (bass); William Erskine (drums) -

Cincinnati, June 9th, 1959:

Lover Come Back To Me
Cracked Ice
Song Of The Islands
Danube Waves
Wrap It Up
Blue Skies
Ubangi Stomp

Cincinnati, June 10th, 1959:

Cherry Bean
Earl's Imagination
My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice

Sources - Bruyninckx, Billboard, The Cash Box, Both Sides Now website.

Artwork - Discogs, 3345ca, various record sales sites.

And with this post we come to the end of the Bostic King LP marathon. I'm all Bosticked out. There will be a look at Earl's pre-King work in the near future but in the meantime let's tune in to some other R&B artists. There's a loada stuff in the pipeline to keep you lockdowners a-movin' and a groovin'. Keep on truckin' everyone!


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this one BW. Another that I didn't already have by Earl Bostic.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Bob - this is one I totally forgot I had. No more Bostic for a while although there's a couple of home made comps of his early Gotham sides in the pipeline.