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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Cadillacs Meet The Orioles (Jubilee JGM-1117)

Those loveable juvenile delinquents are still at it on the cover of this Jubilee LP which was originally issued in 1960. To the modern eye their fashion sense may take on connotations which differ from the original intention of portraying rock’n’roll crazed teenage hoods, but let us refrain from going any further down that road. We shall simply pause momentarily to regret the passing of a more innocent age.

Thanks to Joan once more for the artwork, label scans and vinyl rips. This LP presents two very contrasting vocal group sounds – the early 50s sound of R&B group pioneers The Orioles and the more rock’n’roll mid 50s sound of the Cadillacs. There’s quite a lot of popping, clicking and thumping on these tracks and on “Let Me Down Easy” we are definitely on a wing and a prayer as there is considerable doubt as to whether the gramophone needle will make it to the end of the track. In the end it does, although it takes a slight diversion during the sax solo. Either that or Jimmy Wright was drunk. But that, my friends, is the REAL rock’n’roll experience!

Ripped at 192 kbps.

Download from here:

1. Baby Please Don't Go / The Orioles
2. Hurry Home / The Cadillacs
3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me / The Orioles
4. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz / The Cadillacs
5. A Kiss And A Rose / The Orioles
6. Lucy / The Cadillacs
7. Deacon Jones / The Orioles
8. It's Love / The Cadillacs
9. I Don't Want To Take a Chance / The Orioles
10. Let Me Down Easy / The Cadillacs
11. You Belong To Me / The Orioles
12. C'mon Home Baby / The Cadillacs

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