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Monday 23 June 2008

Whoppers! (Jubilee JGM-1119)

Yep, those teenage tearaways are back, this time with that cool chick. Why are none of them looking at her? Jeez, I’m really beginning to wonder about those fellows ….

Thanks again to Joan for this 1960 compilation of vocal group sides from Jerry Blaine’s Jubilee label. This was a re-release of the 1956 LP “The Best of Rhythm and Blues” (Jubilee LP 1014) with a new title and a new teen rumble type cover which seems to be at odds with the actual musical content.

There’s not much here that could be called rock ‘n’ roll. The Orioles sides include their very first release (and phenomenal hit) from the summer of 1948 “It’s Too Soon to Know”. Joan has included a rare label shot of the original release on Blaine’s (It’s a) Natural label. National Records complained that “Natural” was a little too close to their own label name, so Blaine transferred the hit over to his Jubilee label. “Tell Me So” is a lovely ballad from 1949, and “Crying In The Chapel” was famously revived by Elvis in the 1960s.

The Four Tunes recordings are in pop style rather than R&B. “Marie” obviously owes a lot to The Ravens version (search for The Ravens on the blog), and “I Understand” may be pure pop but I love it. The Ravens were another pioneer R&B group from the 1940s who had enjoyed hits on National and Okeh.

Billy Ward and the Dominoes had a brief recording spell with Jubilee while they were still under contract to King/Federal. Only two singles were released by the group on Jubilee, neither of them reaching the charts. At this stage of their career the series of bluesy, sometimes salacious, and downright brilliant hits (many featuring the soaring voice of Clyde McPhatter) of the early 1950s were a fast fading memory as Ward tried to reposition the group as a pop act. “Take Me Back to Heaven” features lead vocals by McPhatter’s replacement, Jackie Wilson. For the full lowdown on The Dominoes read Marv Goldberg’s article in the latest edition of “Blues and Rhythm” magazine. Search the blog for the Dominoes to get more sounds from the Federal heyday of this brilliant group.

In the meantime groove along to Joan’s sights ‘n’ sounds!

Ripped at 192 kbps.

Download from here:

1. Marie / The Four Tunes (1953)
2. Take Me Back To Heaven / Billy Ward & The Dominoes (1955)
3. I Understand / The Four Tunes (1953)
4. Come To Me Baby / Billy Ward & The Dominoes (1954)
5. Sugar Lump / The Four Tunes (1953)
6. Sweethearts On Parade / Billy Ward & The Dominoes (1955)
7. Crying In The Chapel / The Orioles (1953)
8. Green Eyes / The Ravens (1955)
9. It's Too Soon To Know / The Orioles (1948)
10. Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle / The Ravens (1956)
11. Tell Me So / The Orioles (1949)
12. I'll Always Be In Love With You / The Ravens (1956)


KRENG said...

These series are - apart from the very ugly artwwork - verrry nice! Thanks for all the hard work.

Anonymous said...

I got introduced to this music in the early 60s & remember the P-meet-Jets stuff mostly. How did they issue the 45s w/o any license info? No BMI or ASCAP info.