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Saturday 21 June 2008

Rumble (Jubilee JGM-1114)

Thanks to Joan for the sounds, label scans (a folder of which is included in the download) and eye-watering LP cover. This LP was released in November 1959 as Jubilee JGM-1114. I have no idea if the remarkable cover is the original cover or not. It’s hard to make out what the exotically attired “teenagers” are actually doing in that photo. They may be simulating a “rumble” which is American for a bout of fisticuffs. Alternatively they may be auditioning for the Village People.

Although this is a Jubilee release, these Bop-Chords, Love-Notes, Channels and Continentals sides are gathered from the Bobby Robinson group of labels. The Channels and Continentals sides were originally released on Whirlin’ Disc in 1956 – 1957. This label was jointly owned by Bobby Robinson and Jubilee’s Jerry Blaine. They were subsequently re-released on Port between 1959 and 1961. The Bop-Chords and Love-Notes sides were originally released on Danny Robinson’s Holiday Records in 1956 and 1957.

This classic doowop is fine, fine music though. Ripped by Joan from vintage 45s, so some surface noise is present, but it’s not very intrusive.

Ripped at 192 kbps (converted from m4a).

Download from here:

Rumble (Mega)

1. Castle In The Sky / The Bop-Chords
2. The Gleam In Your Eyes / The Channels
3. Fine Fine Frame / The Continentals
4. If I Could Make You Mine / The Love-Notes
5. Picture Of Love / The Continentals
6. Tonight / The Love-Notes
7. When I Woke Up This Morning / The Bop-Chords
8. Dear Lord / The Continentals
9. Now You Know / The Channels
10. United / The Love-Notes
11. The Closer You Are / The Channels
12. I Really Love Her So / The Bop-Chords


MonicaSoto said...

Could you please re-upload this? Been looking for a copy forever. Thank you so much. I love your blog

boogiewoody said...

Rumble now re-upped! Groovetastic!