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Sunday, 21 September 2008

James Brown and Others - Night Train (King LP 771)

Many thanks to the anonymous donor who sent in this original King LP. “Night Train” was originally released in 1962 and was subsequently reissued several times under the titles “Twist Around” and “Jump Around”. Of the twelve instrumentals on this compilation, half are credited to James Brown with contributions from others including Bill Doggett Combo sax player Clifford Scott (of “Honky Tonk” fame) and organ combo leader Hank Marr. “Night Flying” is a note by note rip-off of Bill Butler’s guitar solo on “Honky Tonk”.

Ripped from vinyl at 192 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

Or here:

1. Hold It / James Brown
2. The Scratch / James Brown
3. Night Train / James Brown
4. The Wobble / The Wobblers
5. Night Flying / James Brown
6. Just A Little Bit Of Everything / Herb Hardesty
7. Doin' Everything / Henry Moore
8. Suds / James Brown
9. Tonk Game / Hank Marr
10. Switch-A-Roo / Henry Moore
11. Bushy Tail / Clifford Scott
12. Cross Firing / James Brown


Anonymous said...

Thank You So Very much Mr. Bones

xulio said...

Very nice

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.. great work you are doing.. Great artwork and cool info..

KL from NYC said...

Thank you for the Night Train LP.
(The RS link still works.)

We were trying to track down The Wobblers track, which was used on a King LP "Surfin' On Wave Nine" here:

Most of the tracks on the LP are actually R&B promos on King, Federal, and Bethlehem, plus two Mickey Baker tracks, so you might be interested.

Thank you, again.

Sun Ira said...

Found this, link still working! Thanks so much!

Sun Ira said...

Found this, link still working! Thanks so much!