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Monday, 9 May 2016

Boppin'! (Jubilee JGM-1118) re-up

Side 1:
01. Baby Let Me Bang Your Box - The Toppers
02. I Miss You So - The Orioles
03. Red Light Green Light - The Coney Island Kids
04. Brown Gal - Deke Watson & The Brown Dots
05. Blue Moon - The Emanons
06. My Heart - The Teardrops

Side 2:
01. Moonlight Beach - The Coney Island Kids
02. In The Mission Of St Augustine - The Orioles
03. You're Laughing Because I'm Crying - The Toppers
04. Wish I Had My Baby - The Emanons
05. Why Does a Drink Make You Think - Deke Watson & The Brown Dots
06. Ooh Baby - The Teardrops

Download from:

Original post from June 21st 2008 is here:

Thanks to Joan K for the 4th in the series of 5 vocal group compilations issued by Jubilee in 1959 / 60. It's an eclectic mix this time round with The Orioles and The Brown Dots representing the older form of vocal group R&B, raunch from The Toppers with "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" (about a piano, I think) and the much more modern sound of The Coney Island Kids.

Above: Billboard review, June 27th 1960. Note that the LP was originally supposed to include tracks by The Marylanders, but these were replaced by tracks by The Teardrops.

Deke (or more usually Deek) Watson had a long career going back to the 1940s lineup of the The Inkspots. Marv Goldberg has a great article on Deek Watson, The Brown Dots, and The 4 Tunes here:

Well worth a read!

Thanks to Joan K for the sounds 'n' scans.


philo said...

I posted this a couple years ago. I wonder if there's a connection with the Coney Island Kids.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Philo

I doubt if there was a direct connection. Mitchell Torok was really a country singer. His version was released in March 1956 whereas the Coney Island Kids version was released in February 1956, so I guess Mitchell's version may have been a cover version. Not much time between the two though.

Mitchell's version charted in the UK in 1957, but not in the USA!

There's some interesting comments from members of The Coney Island Kids on the YouTube post at: