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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Look! It's The Moonglows (Chess LP 1430) re-upped

In response to a re-up request, here is the 1958 Chess LP "Look Out! It's The Moonglows" which was ripped by Joan K.

Download from:

Side 1:
01. Love Is A River
02. Blue Velvet
03. This Love
04. When I'm With You
05. I'll Stop Wanting You
06. Don't Say Goodbye

Side 2:
01. Ten Commandments Of Love
02. Kiss Me Baby
03. Penny Arcade
04. Mean Old Blues
05. Sweeter Than Words
06. Cold Feet

Original post (9th July, 2008) is here:

For the story of The Moonglows, read Marv Goldberg's article here:

The download includes scans by Joan.


Василий Рогов said...

Thanks. You are best!

teddy cat baz said...

cheers m8