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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lloyd Glenn Re-upped

Side A:
01. Chick-A-Boo - Lloyd Glenn
02. Tiddly-Winks - Lloyd Glenn
03. Sunrise - Lloyd Glenn
04. Still Waters - Lloyd Glenn
05. Nite Flite - Lloyd Glenn
06. Old Time Shuffle - Lloyd Glenn
07. Southbound Special - Lloyd Glenn

Side B:
01. After Hours Part 1 - Lloyd Glenn
02. After Hours Part 2 - Lloyd Glenn
03. Rompin Rhumba - Lloyd Glenn
04. Strollin' - Lloyd Glenn
05. Blue Ivories - Lloyd Glenn
06. Love For Sale - Lloyd Glenn
07. Petite Fleur - Lloyd Glenn

Download from:

Original post (2nd May 2011) is here:

The original post features scans of Aladdin 45s from Joan K. There is an article on pianist / arranger Lloyd Glenn and his prominent role in the 1940s and 1950s California R&B scene. As well as recording his own hits such as "Chica Boo" he also played with T-Bone Walker and Gene Phillips and produced hits for Lowell Fulsom. This Pathe Marconi 1980s re-release of his Aladdin material is an excellent instro comp.

There's also a post of El Emascarados' rips of the original Aladdin 78 rpm single of "Still Waters" / "Nite Flite" here:

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