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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dancin' & Romancin'

Side 1:
01. Up On The Mountain - The Magnificents
02. Down Off The Mountain - The Magnificents
03. You Ain't Ready - The Flamingos
04. Crazy Over You - The Kool Gents
05. Feeling Alright - The Hi Lighters
06. Stop - The Lyrics
07. Get Lost - The Rhythm Aces
08. Tears On My Pillow - The Eldorados
09. Caddy Bo - The Magnificents

Side 2:
01. Blues In The Letter - The Flamingos
02. Secret Love - The Moonglows
03. For All We Know - The Orioles
04. Ozeta - The Magnificents
05. Hurry Home Baby - The Flamingos
06. The Lonely One - Sherrif & The Ravels
07. Now That It's Over - The Falcons
08. I Was Wrong - The Moonglows
09. Hello Dear - The Hi Lighters

Download from here:

"Dancin' & Romancin'" could have been titled "Jump Children Volume 2" as it is a further set of vocal group tracks from Vee-Jay, including masters originally recorded for Chance. This compilation has a larger selection of groups but as we look at the original release details of these tracks, let's start with the three groups which featured on "Jump Children" - The Flamingos, The Moonglows and The Orioles.

As is usual with vocal group posts, much of the info below is gleaned from Marv Goldberg's site and I have provided links to his pages on some of the groups featured in this comp. This time round I had to dig a little deeper to find info on some of the obscurer groups and tracks on what is an excellent mix of rockers and smoochers. Sources credited at the foot of the post.

The Flamingos -

You Ain't Ready - Chance 1149, October 1953
Blues In A Letter - Chance 1162, October 1954
Hurry Home Baby - Chance 1140, June 1953

The Moonglows -

Secret Love - Chance 1152, February 1954
I Was Wrong - Chance 1156, May 1954

The Orioles -

For All We Know - Vee-Jay 228, November 1956

The Magnificents -

Up On The Mountain - Vee-Jay 183, April 1956
Off The Mountain - Vee-Jay 235, February 1957
Caddy Bo - Vee-Jay 208, September 1956
Ozeta - Vee-Jay 281, May 1958 - this side actually recorded by The 5 Wonders and released as by The Magnificents

The Kool Gents -

Crazy Over You - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, November 1955

The El Dorados -

Tears On My Pillow - Vee-Jay 250, July 1957

The Lyrics / The Falcons were the same group, recording as The Lyrics on Vee-Jay and as The Falcons on Vee-Jay subsidiary label Falcon. The Falcon label had its name changed to Abner following a lawsuit brought by an already existing Falcon label from Texas.

The Lyrics -

Why Don't You Stop - Vee-Jay 285, May / June 1958 (territorial tip in The Cash Box August 1958)

The Falcons -

Now That It's Over - Falcon 1006, October 1957

The Hi-Liters -

Feeling Alright This Morning - unreleased Vee-Jay track, 1956
Hello Dear - Vee Jay 184, May 1956

The Rhythm Aces -

Get Lost - Vee-Jay 124, January 1955

Sherrif & The Ravels -

The Lonely One - Vee-Jay 306, February 1959

Marv Goldberg links:

The Flamingos:

The Moonglows:

The Orioles:

The Magnificents:

The Kool Gents:

The El Dorados:

Information was also gathered from the following web sources: BSN Publications; Global Dog Productions; YouTube; 45Cat; Discogs;; Billboard; The Cash Box.


Anonymous said...

Thank you BoogieWoody, this also great album and gret performers. Much appreciated. Greetings, George.

boogiewoody said...

You got here George, I was getting a bit worried! I thought you'd got stuck at "Jump Children." They're both v. good albums. Forgot to say that the sleevenotes on this one are well worth reading.

Rijnko said...

Thanks for this album as well.Was looking for it.
Fits nicely in my Doo-wop collection.

Rgds Rijnko

Tony aka Pismotality said...

Worth mentioning that Johnny Keyes of the Magnificents wrote a very good hand account of being in a 50s doo wop group called Du-Wop [sic]. It gives you all sorts of small details you won't find elsewhere. For example, the backing musicians in the studio would take their cue from groups' acapella arrangements as worked out on streetcorners, but would then take exclusive credit for the subsequent instrumental arrangements. There was usually an age gap between musicians and groups, and a snobbishness from the jazz-oriented elders about what the young singers were doing. The book could be longer - it's filled out with pics - but it does conjure the period vividly, and I can't think of a comparable book. You also get stuff on the hazards of live performance: seems it was rare that acts would get a chance to rehearse properly with musicians, leaving audiences disgruntled when the performance didn't sound like the record. And if musos became annoyed with a group they might even deliberately play in the wrong tempo or favour another singer or group who had paid them. It's a wonder that so much good stuff happened in the studio!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the comments folks. Rijnko - the next post on The Five Keys / The Nitecaps collection is now well in hand and will probably appear tomorrow.

Great comment again Mr Pismotality. You've obviously been way into doowop to a level which I never reached as at some point in the 1980s I went off on a jump blues / bop kick and never recovered.I enjoy nosing around the posts on your blog - came across the one on VeeJay and the Dells and finding a bunch of LPs in a newsagent's in Motherwell Civic Centre. Ye gods, what were the chances of that?

neil said...

Just wanted to add my thanks, too...

Muzz said...

Thanks for this boogiewoody. An old favourite which will replace my own, dreadful, rip.