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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Spaniels - Stormy Weather

Side 1:
01. Lovey Dovey Baby
02. Three Little Words
03. People Will Say We're In Love
04. I'll Be Waiting
05. Stormy Weather
06. Why I Love You
07. Baby Come Along With Me
08. I Owe You

Side 2:
01. Bounce
02. Red Sails In The Sunset
03. Please Don't Tease
04. You Painted Pictures
05. Baby Sweets
06. One Hundred Years From Today
07. A Stranger In Love
08. Let's Make Up

Download from here:

The Spaniels out of Gary, Indiana, were one of the classiest of the 1950s R&B vocal groups and their lead tenor Pookie Hudson was one of the greatest of the group vocalists of that era. Their big, BIG hit was "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" which reached number 5 in the national R&B chart in the summer of 1954 although most of the pop sales action was taken by a cover version by The McGuire Sisters which reached number 7 while The Spaniels' original version only made it to number 24 pop.

Their first release "Baby It's You" / "Bounce" (May 1953) reached number 10 in the R&B chart and was only the second single released by the new Vee-Jay label. The first disc on Vee-Jay was Jimmy Reed's "High And Lonesome." The success of "Baby It's You" necessitated a re-release on the Chance label which was better able to cope with the unexpected demand.

The Spaniels' next national hit was the monster "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" in the summer of 1954. "You Painted Pictures" reached number 13 R&B in October 1955. The Spaniels' fourth national R&B hit was with "Everyone's Laughing" / "I. O. U" which reached number 13 in July 1957.

This collection, "Stormy Weather," was the second Spaniels comp released by Charly back in the 1980s. It has one hit track, "You Painted Pictures," and some unissued material. It may not be the creme de la creme of The Spaniels' Vee-Jay output, but almost all of the material is very strong. Personal favourites are the rocking "Baby Sweets," the romantic "One Hundred Years From Today" and, of course, "Red Sails In The Sunset" which was unreleased but, heck, it's one of my favourite songs ever, and any rendition by any artist of this classic just gets me - right there.

Unfortunately I never did buy Charly's first Spaniels comp, "Great Googley Moo!", a failure which I now deeply regret. Oh for a time machine.

As ever when it comes to vocal group history, you can find the full story of The Spaniels on Marv Goldberg's site, complete with the tale of how they missed out on "The Twist."

Your link to Marv Goldberg's article on The Spaniels:

Fax on the trax, with titles as per original release:

01. Lovey Dovey Baby - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, June 1958
02. These Three Words - Vee-Jay 328, September 1959
03. People Will Say We're In Love - Vee-Jay 342, December 1959
04. I'll Be Waiting - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, August 1959
05. Stormy Weather - Vee-Jay 290, July 1958
06. Here Is Why I Love You - Vee-Jay 290, July 1958
07. Baby Come Along With Me - Vee-Jay 202, July 1956
08. I. O. U. - Vee-Jay 246, March 1957
09. Bounce - Vee-Jay 101, May 1953 and Chance 1141, June 1953
10. Red Sails In The Sunset - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, August 1959
11. Please Don't Tease - Vee-Jay 229, December 1956
12. You Painted Pictures - Vee-Jay 154, August 1955
13. Baby Sweets - Vee-Jay LP 1024 "The Spaniels". June 1960.
14. One Hundred Years From Today - Vee-Jay 328, September 1959
15. A Stranger In Love - unreleased Vee-Jay recording, October 1958
16. Let's Make Up - Vee-Jay 116, September 1954


Anonymous said...

Thanks BoogieWoody for fabulous Spaniels album. George.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for commenting, George!

Chi-Town said...

Thanks for all the doo-wop, BoogieWoody. MORE is always BETTER. Especially the Chicago groups...

boogiewoody said...

A bit of home town bias there, methinks ... more Chicago vocal group sides coming in the next couple of posts, Chi-Town.

Tony aka Pismotality said...

I did buy that other Spaniels Charly LP, which is indeed a good 'un, including a thoroughly salacious House Cleaning with bass Gerald Gregory on lead, and other great and lesser-known tracks. I look forward to hearing this other Charly comp - thanks for posting! As with the Flamingos, although just about everything is now available on public domain CDs there is a lot to be said for the power for a well chosen, well sequenced compilation.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Tony

I agree with you about the art of the compilation LP. Less is often more, if chosen and sequenced properly. Alas I don't have that other Spaniels Charly comp, hence my wish for a time machine in the above post!