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Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Five Keys / The Nitecaps - The Best Of Doo Wop Classics Volume 2 (re-up)


Side 1:
01. Teeth & Tongue Will Get You Hung - The Five Keys
02. When Will My Troubles End (take B) - The Five Keys
03. Lawdy Miss Mary - The Five Keys
04. I'll Follow You - The Five Keys
05. Let Me Know Tonight - The Nitecaps
06. Oh, You Sweet Girl - The Nitecaps
07. In Each Corner Of My Heart - The Nitecaps
08. Sweet Thing - The Nitecaps

Side 2:
01. Be My Girl - The Nitecaps
02. Tough Mama - The Nitecaps
03. A Kiss and A Vow - The Nitecaps
04. Bamboo Rock & Roll - The Nitecaps
05. You're Gonna Be Sorry - The Nitecaps
06. You May Not Know - The Nitecaps
07. Snap Crackle & Pop - The Nitecaps
08. When Will My Troubles End (take A) - The Five Keys

Download from here:

In response to a re-up request, here's that great Detour LP which features the July 1954 "lost session" by The Five Keys for Groove plus all of the releases by The Nitecaps on that label.

The original very extensive post (October 2010), which includes label scans from Joan K, is here:

It most certainly demands attention! The only information I have to add is this list of the Nitecaps' releases on Groove. Three unreleased tracks are also included on the LP.

The Nitecaps original releases -

Groove 0134 - A Kiss And A Vow / Be My Girl, December 1955

Groove 0147 - Tough Mama / Sweet Thing, April 1956

Groove 0158 - Bamboo Rock & Roll / You May Not Know, June 1956

Groove 0176 - Let Me Know Tonight / In Each Corner Of My Heart, November 1956

"Snap, Crackle And Pop," "You're Gonna Be Sorry," and "Oh You Sweet Girl" were not issued until this LP.

I have also re-upped two other Five Keys LPs:

"It's a Groove" is a collection of their Aladdin and Capitol sides. Download from here:

The original very detailed post from November 2010 is here:

"Rhythm And Blues Hits Past And Present" is a collection of late period Five Keys sides recorded for King. Download from here:

or here:

The original post (January 2013) is here:

For the full story of The Five Keys, read Marv Goldberg's article here:

And this post concludes our vocal group season here on Be Bop Wino. Thanks to Joan K for a new edition of "Joan Selects" and don't worry, doowop fans, more group LPs will pop up from time to time! Doo wah Doo wah!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Boogie Woody for the new three album, beautiful. I take this opportunity to compliment of your great site. Yours sincerely, George.

boogiewoody said...

Thank you George.


Rijnko said...

Thanks very much BW for Five keys/Nite caps album. As always nice extra info.
Looking forward to your next post
Rgds Rijnko

Unknown said...

Dear BW, As promised, this series has been fantastic. I had never really listened to the Five Keys before, and I am blown away. Now looking for the Jasmine CDs to buy. Best, Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Be Bop,

Don't suppose you have the Du Droppers Detour release (33-009)? or could point me in the right direction.

You have a great site.

boogiewoody said...

Afraid I never did buy that Du Droppers LP on Detour. I have the Acrobat CD "Boot 'Em Up" which has 23 tracks and might still be available. Jasmine have a 2CD set "Talk That Talk" (subtitled "The Ultimate Du Droppers 1952-1955") which can be picked up very cheaply from dealers on Amazon UK Marketplace, so I would say that the Jasmine set looks like your best bet. The Du Droppers recorded some terrific sides on Groove - real hard rockin' vocal group R&B just the way I like it!


neil said...

I'd only heard The Five Keys - Close Your Eyes before this; many thanks for the opportunity to listen in depth...