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Friday, 23 May 2008

The Dubs Meet The Shells

Thanks once more to Joan K for this post of a 1962 Josie album, plus additional label shots. Romantic dreamy doowop and an oh-so-cool cover. What more could you want?

Ripped from vinyl at 128 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1. Could This Be Magic / The Dubs
2. Wisdom Of A Fool / The Dubs
3. Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely / The Dubs
4. Blue Velvet / The Dubs
5. Your Very First Love / The Dubs
6. This I Swear / The Dubs
7. Baby Oh Baby / The Shells
8. Our Wedding Day / The Shells
9. What's In An Angels Eyes / The Shells
10. Baby, Walk On In / The Shells
11. Sweetest One / The Shells
12. Deep In My Heart / The Shells


Chi-Town said...

Excellent selection of doo-wop, boogiewoody. Keep it coming! Thanks.


jothman said...

I saw the Gone label and it reminded me of 7-11 by the Gone All Stars, one of the greatest instros ever.

Rockinbavarian said...

Another beautiful post of an original record. Thanks for your efforts, and, of course, to the lady with the covers and labels.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Rockinbavarian, Jothman and chi-town. I should point out that not only are the covers from Joan, but also the sound files. As are the sounds on The Zodiacs and Midnighters posts. Joan's been sending quite a few albums in lately and there are a few more treats lined up from her collection for the next few days.

I'm sure 7-11 will feature on the blog some time in the future.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Please Don't Ask Me to Be Lonely by the Dubs is such a great song! euclidcreek