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Friday 31 October 2008

I Remember Chuck Willis (Atlantic 8079)

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we can extend our interest in Chuck Willis a little further with this 1962 Atlantic LP. Around 1962 -1963 Atlantic released a sequence of retrospective LPs on their 1950’s R&B big hitters such as Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker, Big Joe Turner, Clyde McPhatter and of course Chuck Willis who had unfortunately hung up his rock and roll shoes in 1958. Hence the morbid front cover.

So this is what rock ‘n’ roll blogging is all about – music fans from all around the world combining to raise interest in long gone artists and maybe, just maybe, someone who reads this and downloads these ancient vinyl rips will be inspired to investigate further and, despite the credit crunch, scrape enough folding green notes together to buy a Chuck Willis CD. Maybe the one that combines this LP with "King of the Stroll".

Ripped from vinyl at 192 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon. Thank you Anonymous.

Download from here:

1. What Am I Living For
2. Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes
3. Stop And Think
4. From The Bottom Of My Heart
5. Just One Kiss
6. You'll Be My Love
7. Keep A Drivin'
8. C. C. Rider
9. Betty & Dupree
10. I'll Be So Glad When Your Heart Is Mine
11. Big Drops Of Rain
12. Sugar Sugar
13. Love Of Loves
14. My Baby


Anonymous said...

One of the all time great Atlantic albums.
Chuck had a way with his phrasing, he could tease the tension out of a line without ever having to break out into a sweat.
What he could have done, had he lived, is anyone's guess.

Again, many thanks for the great music on this site.

brujo said...

just uploaded an album of Chuck's Okeh sides if you are interested in the comments to a Warren Storm album on Uncle Gil's blogspot .Great to see you are still on the net .regards brujo

Anonymous said...

Hi and greetings once again from Melbourne...Been digging the mighty Chuck Willis..thanksamillion
Best wishes

gouldee said...

Morning, Greasey! Keep coming back to your great posts. Any chance of renewing this link, please? Gouldee

boogiewoody said...

Sorry Gouldee, it looks like this one has gone. I lost a lot of stuff when my old PC crashed and burned last year. I'll keep looking in various backups, but it's probably a lost cause.