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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Joan Selects Volume 19 (re-up)

Volume 19 of the Joan Selects series is a mix of vocal group novelties, ranging from classics such as "Louie, Louie" and "Be Bop Wino" to the downright demented such as Vito & The Salutations' crazed deconstruction of "Unchained Melody." No wonder this collection was originally subtitled "Joan Gets Silly."

Highly recommended - download, stick on your media player, put your feet up and join in with Andre Williams as he pleads "Pass The Biscuits, Please." Life don't get any better than this.

Download from:

Joan Selects Volume 19 Tracklist:

01 Rufus Hunter and the Masters -  Purple Stew - Aladdin 45-3440
02 The Halos -  Nag - 7 Arts S 709
03 Vito and the Salutations -  Unchained Melody - Herald H-583
04 Andre Williams - Pass The Biscuits Please - Fortune 839X
05 The Lamplighters -  Be Bop Wino - Federal 45-12152
06 The Chips -  Rubber Biscuit - Josie 45-803
07 The Marcels -  Friendly Loans - Colpix CP 651
08 The Marquees -  Hey Little School Girl - Okeh 4-7096
09 The Pentagons - Silly  Dilly - Specialty 644
10 The Imperials -  Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop - End 1060
11 Richard Berry and the Pharoes -  Louie, Louie - Flip 45-321
12 The Chalets - Fat - Fat - Fat! Mom - Mi - O - True-Lite 1001
13 The Chandeliers -  Dancing In The Congo - Angle Tone 529-3
14 The Monotones -  The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - Argo 5321
15 The Spaniels -  Play It Cool - Vee Jay VJ-1116
16 The Stereos -  I Really Love You - Cub K9095
17 The Fascinators - Fried Chicken & Macaroni - Capitol 45-CL-15062
18 The Three Friends -  Dedicated (To The Songs I Love) - Imperial X5763
19 The Cellos -  The Be-Bop Mouse - Apollo 516-45
20 The Belmonts – Street Corner Symphony
21 Sheriff and the Revels -  Shomblor - Vee Jay VJ 306
22 Rick and The Keens -  Peanuts  - Le Cam 721
23 12 Year Old Richard Lanham -  On Your Radio - Acme 45-A-712
24 The Devotions -  Rip Van Winkle - Roulette R-4541
25 Nino and The Ebb Tides -  Jukebox Saturday Night - Madison M166
26 The Olympics -  Western Movies - Demon FF-1508
27 The Delroys -  Bermuda Shorts - Apollo 514
28 The Dandeliers -  Chop Chop Boom - States 147
29 The Savoys - Yacka Hoom Boom - Combo 75
30 The Capris -  Morse Code Of Love - Ambient Sound 02697
31 The Visuals -  The Submarine Race - Popular #115


Anonymous said...

I'm always happy to learn about other women who are music fanatics and collectors. It's obvious Joan has an incredible record collection. It would be interesting to have a "mini-profile"/interview with her about how she started and/or what the collecting has meant/means to her, her favourite recordings, etc. Sound crazy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Great.

JoanK_PR said...

Hi Marie - Ain't it the truth about other women collectors. Been collecting my whole life. Got started in the Boston area, continued for over thirty years in California. Still have all my 45s and 78's. They are all old musical friends.

JoanK_PR said...

Marie - Nice to hear from another woman collector. I've been at this for over 45 years, getting my start in Boston, then later for 30 years in California. I still have all my 45s and 78s - they are my old musical friends. I especially strongest ties to music of the 1950's, Doo Wop, Blues, Rockabilly and straight ahead rock and roll.

boogiewoody said...

Joan, meet Marie. Marie, meet Joan. I've got a good idea - why don't you interview each other, then we could post the results on here and on Marie's blog?

Now excuse me, the rugby is about to start - Scotland v Wales!

1me0 said...

Howdy-doo! I hate to be a bother, but it seems that both Vol. 10 & 19 of Joan Selects have expired. No rush at all, but whenever you're free, might you be able to re-upload these?

boogiewoody said...

New link now up!