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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Those Great Blues Girls From The 40's (re-up)

In response to a request for a re-up, here's this 1985 Pathe Marconi collection of tracks originally released on Philo / Aladdin, Capitol and Imperial. Betty Hall Jones is very much the star here. Her combination of piano tinkling, sophisticated wit and dry vocal delivery is reminiscent of Julia Lee and Nellie Lutcher.

The original post and write up from January 2010 is here:

The new download link is here:


Side 1
1. Rose Mitchell - Baby Please Don't Go
2. Cleo Brown - Cleo's Boogie
3. Addie Williams - Maybe Someday
4. Helen Humes - Stop Jivin' Around
5. Helen Humes - Please Let Me Forget
6. Tina Dixon - Hello Baby
7. Tina Dixon - Don't You Know I Want To Love You

Side 2
1. Betty Hall Jones - You Got To Have What It Takes
2. Betty Hall Jones - If I Ever Cry (You'll Never Know)
3. Betty Hall Jones - This Joint's Too Hip For Me
4. Betty Hall Jones - Thrill Me
5. Betty Hall Jones - Buddy Stay Off That Wine
6. Betty Hall Jones - That's A Man For You
7. Betty Hall Jones - I Never Miss The Sunshine (I'm So Used To The Rain)

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