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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lynn Hope And His Tenor Sax (re-up)

Re-upped from October 2009. This is a 1983 Pathe Marconi issue of an LP originally put out by Aladdin as a 10" album way back in 1954. Aladdin issued 3 other LPs in a short "... and his Tenor Sax" series in the 1950s - the other artists featured being Illinois Jacquet, Maxwell Davis and Lester Young. 1980s versions of these LPs appeared on Be Bop Wino years ago and more re-ups with new links may be in the pipeline ...

This has been one of my favourite tenor sax LPs for 30 years. The sound quality is excellent and while there is no wild honking on display, there's lots of exotica-tinged sax stylings for the discerning R&B and even striptease jazz fan.

The original post from October 2009 can be read here:

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Your new working download link is here:


Side 1
1. Tenderly
2. Driftin' (Goin' Home)
3. Hope, Skip And Jump
4. Blue Moon
5. Blues For Anna Bacoa
6. Eleven Til Two
7. Miserlou

Side 2
1. Blow Lynn Blow
2. Move It
3. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
4. South Of The Border
5. September Song
6. Summertime
7. The Scrunch

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