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Sunday 25 November 2007

Dexter Gordon & Wardell Gray - The Hunt

Many thanks to Billy K for sending this Savoy Jazz double LP to post here.

Each of the four tracks occupied one side of the original album. They are jam sessions, principally tenor sax battles between Dexter Gordon and Wardell Gray, recorded live in front of an audience at the Brown Bomber, Los Angeles, in July 1947. Other musicians on the sessions include Howard McGhee, Trummy Young, Sonny Criss, Barney Kessel and Hampton Hawes.

Billy K has included scans of the album art, featuring an essay by Ross Russell which wonderfully evokes the Central Avenue scene in Los Angeles and the arrival of bebop on the West Coast.

The original rip from vinyl is in m4a format (160 kbps) and can be downloaded from Billy K's link here:

link deleted by mediafire

I used the freeware program Any Audio Converter to produce an mp3 version (192 kbps ) which you can download from here:

1. Disorder At The Border
2. Cherokee
3. Byas-a-Drink
4. The Hunt


deborah said...

Thank you for this! I've been trying to pick up music mentioned in Kerouac's On The Road as I read it to get the feel for the time and the environment. I couldn't find this album in iTunes, so I was thrilled to discovered it on your site (and so beautifully presented with artwork)! Nice work!

boogiewoody said...

An interesting idea, Deborah. I've read and re-read 'On The Road' over the years and it certainly influenced my musical taste. There's a CD on the Jazz FM label in the UK called "Jazz of the Beat Generation" which has readings by Kerouac interspersed with tracks by artists he wrote about or mentioned.

There are excellent liner notes with the CD which could give you more suggestions. There's a quote from 'On The Road' which has Dean Moriarty enthusing over Willis Jackson's 'Gator Tail', for example.

This could be worth a thread on it's own!

jk said...

This is a great find. Well done! I'm 24 and traveling around Europe and I stumbled upon a copy of Kerouac's On the Road. I'm inspired by the book and its great to hear the music that was an influence on the era. yes! yes!

deborah said...

I got an e-mail from TT asking about On The Road related music, asking if I'd made a list, so I thought I'd post a follow-up. I didn't come up with a comprehensive list, but I did create an iTunes playlist with quite a few of the songs and artists he mentions:

deborah's iTunes Kerouac playlist

If a comprehensive list doesn't already exist (I haven't looked lately), maybe we should start a group-maintained list (maybe like a wiki page or a Google spreadsheet).


Raymundo Tristán said...

Thanks for this record. I was reading again On The Road and somehow i skipped the mention of this album. Well, went to google and voilá. thanks a lot, excellent ripping!

Anonymous said...

could you please re-upload this? it looks like a wonderful performance but both links are dead. thanks

Anonymous said...

Links are dead, but found it at:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Could you please re-post the downloads? This is a hard to find record, even on the web.
Great job , by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Master, could you please reupload? Thank you so much