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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Dominoes Featuring Clyde McPhatter

1977 Gusto LP focussing on Clyde McPhatter’s years with the Dominoes (1950-1953). The first 9 tracks have lead vocals by McPhatter, while in the second 9 he features on backing vocals. I wonder if it was this version of “Harbor Lights” that Elvis had heard before he recorded his own version of the track at Sun. McPhatter’s lead vocals on the slow numbers are among the most haunting you’ll ever hear.

Ripped from vinyl at 320kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. No Says My Heart
2. Do Something For Me
3. Harbor Lights
4. That's What You're Doing To Me
5. I Can't Escape From You
6. Don't Leave Me This Way
7. Deep Sea Blues
8. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
9. Yours Forever
10. Chicken Blues
11. Weeping Willow Blues
12. Heart To Heart *
13. The Deacon Moves In *
14. Love Love Love
15. Pedal Pushin' Papa
16. No Room
17.I Ain't Gonna Cry For You
18. I'm Lonely

* = with Little Esther

This album is still available in the UK as an imported CD. Get it from Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Awsome,Amazing,A real blast from the past.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks!
Do you know the french singer Charles Aznavour ?:
"You are the one for me
For me, for me, formidable"!

Anonymous said...

I abuse but i just want to know if you have something from Ivory Joe Hunter ?

boogiewoody said...

Yes, I do have an Ivory Joe Hunter album (on Mr R&B)which I will post in the future.

As for Charles Aznavour ... I know him slightly (he had a hit in the UK with 'She'),but I am willing to predict that hell will freeze over before he appears on this blog! Or are you saying I'm formidable? Merci mademoiselle! If you're a monsieur, kindly disregard the last comment .....

Anyway my favourite French language singer is Jacques Brel ...

Anonymous said...

For Aznavour it was just a compliment for your fantastic job, but I agree with you Jacques Brel is the greatest. But if you love rock'n'roll and country music, Dick Rivers is the better, and Elvis is his musical son...
No, no, don't hit me, it was just a joke!

boogiewoody said...

Thank you for the compliment! Brel was fantastic - I've just been watching the YouTube clip of him perfornming 'Amsterdam' at the Olympia in 1964 - one of the most stunning live performances I've ever seen. Dick Rivers? Get outta here! Perhaps one day I'll post Francoise Hardie singing 'Tous les garcons et les filles de mon age...' as an example of French rock'n'roll! (actually I quite like it)