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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Earl Bostic - Sax 'O' Boogie

This LP from Martin Van Olderen’s Oldie Blues label brings together 16 of Earl Bostic’s early Gotham and King sides recorded between 1947 and early 1951. This is raw and raucous jump blues which is quite unlike the hit making arrangements adopted by Bostic after “Flamingo”. The album was mastered from original 78rpm discs so there is some surface noise.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download link:

1. Bostic's Jump
2. Earl's Rhumboogie
3. Hot Sauce Boss
4. 8:45 Stomp
5. Bar Fly Baby
6. Bostic's Boogie Blues
7. Blip Boogie
8. From Midnight To Dawn
9. Swing Low Sweet Boogie
10. Nay, Nay, Go Away
11. Sugar Hill Blues
12. Choppin' It Down
13. No Name Blues
14. Way Down
15. Don't You Do It
16. Rockin' And Reelin'

Recommended Purchase:

"Flamingo" (Proper PVCD 100)

This 2CD set (now out of print?) looks at the early career of Earl Bostic, starting with his spells in the big bands of Lionel Hampton and Rex Stewart. Also featured are the sides recorded with his own big band for Majestic and many of his small group sides for Gotham and King up to October 1951. There are extensive liner notes by Joop Visser. Well worth buying.


boogiewoody said...

I had a look ... the boogie woody blog predates mine ... so maybe I'm guilty of identity theft! Although in my defence I can say I've been using the boogiewoody name around various discussion groups and forums since 2002, if only occasionally.

There are also some other 'bebopwinos' around the blogosphere. One is an R&B group, the other seems to be an enthusiastic reviewer of 'adult dvds'. That is definitely not me! Honest!

All I can say is that I never checked to see if the bebopwino name was being used before I set up this blog. I also never dreamed that the blog would receive so many visitors or would take up so much time. I guess it's been an accidental success. It looks like the landmark of 10,000 visitors will be reached this evening. I'll probably do some kind of 'summing up' post when that happens.

Thanks for your support Boppin'! Now where did I put that Count Hastings LP I need to work on ....?

alfaspica said...

Hi Boogiewoody! I love this Earl Bostic lp!!!
I don't like his easy listening tunes.

These are a perfect synthesis of be-bop jazz and stomping r'n'b. My preferred grinding sax after Charlie Parker!