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Friday, 14 March 2008

Frank Culley and Buddy Tate - Rock'n Roll Instrumentals For Dancing The Lindy Hop

1984 Krazy Kat reissue of Baton LP 1201 from 1955 with two extra Buddy Tate tracks added. There’s an interesting contrast between R&B man Frank Culley and Jazz veteran Buddy Tate.

This is a re-up of an old Rockhall post with an improved front cover scan and a Joan K scan of a Baton EP derived from the original LP. Some of these tracks are currently available on the Flyright CD “Thunderbolt!”

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. Nine O'Clock Express / Frank Culley
2. Lindy Rock / Frank Culley
3. Go, Floorshow! / Frank Culley
4. Bubbles / Frank Culley
5. Speed Limit / Frank Culley
6. Sent For You Yesterday / Buddy Tate
7. That Girl / Buddy Tate
8. Fatback And Greens / Buddy Tate
9. Tete-A-Tate / Buddy Tate
10. Skip-A-Page / Buddy Tate
11. Jackie / Buddy Tate
12. Blue Buddy / Buddy Tate


Anonymous said...

Wow! Keep those honkers commin'!

Many thanks!

lindy man said...


Miki800 said...

Thanks man, I'll try dancing to that actually :)