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Thursday, 7 April 2016

We Love Earl Bostic - 2 LPs Re-Upped!

Dance To The Best Of Bostic (reissue of King LP 500):

Side 1:
01. Flamingo
02. Always
03. Deep Purple
04. Smoke Rings
05. What No Pearls
06. Jungle Drums

Side 2:
01. Serenade
02. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
03. Seven Steps
04. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You
05. Don't You Do It
06. Steamwhistle Jump

Download from here:

Important note - this LP consists of 1959 re-recordings by Earl Bostic.

The original post from the 3rd April 2010 contains full recording details of the tracks plus some interesting comments "below the line." Please note that for this re-up I improved the scans of the back cover and the record labels.

Original post is here:

Earl Bostic Blows A Fuse (Charly CRB 1091):

Side 1:
01. Night Train
02. 8.45 Stomp
03. That's The Groovy Thing
04. Special Delivery Stomp
05. Moonglow
06. Mambostic
07. Earl Blows A Fuse
08. Harlem Nocturne

Side 2:
09. Who Snuck The Wine In The Gravy?
10. Don't You Do It
11. Disc Jockey's Nightmare
12. Flamingo
13. Steam Whistle Jump
14. What! No Pearls
15. Tuxedo Junction
16. Seven Steps

Download from here:

The original post (2nd December 2009) contains a summary of Earl Bostic's career, recommended purchases and interesting comments below the line. For this re-up I have added label scans and a new back cover scan. Original post is here:

More re-ups are in the pipeline, including another great alto player and two vocal groups on a compilation with crazy cover art.

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12vjoe said...

Thanks for these wonderful re-ups!