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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Battle Of The Blues Volume 2 (King LP 627)


Side 1 (Roy Brown):
01. Hard Luck Blues
02. Dreamin' Blues
03. 'Long About Sundown
04. Double Crossin' Woman
05. Sweet Peach
06. Wrong Woman Blues
07. Brown Angel

Side 2 (Wynonie Harris):
01. Man, Have I Got Troubles
02. I'll Never Give Up
03. Here Comes The Night
04. Luscious Woman
05. Drinking Blues
06. Nearer My God To Thee
07. Tremblin'

Download from here:

This is the second of four volumes of "Battle Of The Blues" that Joan K donated to the blog in 2008. Originally released in 1959, Volume 2 is a return bout between Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris, although this time the combatants opt for slow, moody blues songs rather than the all out rockin' R&B of the first volume. An interesting contrast in styles between the crying style of Roy and the hoarse voiced shouting of Wynonie. Superb musicianship on all tracks.

Original post (from 27th November 2008) is here:

The remaining 2 volumes will be posted soon as will other requested re-ups (Tab Smith, early Earl Bostic, Count Hastings, and The Paragons Meet The Jesters.)

Have a bluesing good Sunday!

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