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Wednesday 12 March 2008

Warren Lucky, Al King and Haywood Henry - Thunderbolt!

Another of the LPs I ripped to mp3 and posted on Rockhall last year. This 1983 Krazy Kat LP is a collection of real stompin’ R&B sax recorded for the Joe Davis group of labels between 1952 and 1956. The sound quality on these recordings is excellent. There is an expanded 20 track version still available on a Flyright CD.

Ripped from vinyl at 320kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. Paradise Rock / Warren Lucky
2. Thunderbolt / Warren Lucky
3. Paradise Roll / Warren Lucky
4. Fish Bait / Warren Lucky
5. Jay Bird / Al King
6. Melancholy Horn / Al King
7. Strollin' Out / Al King
8. Flyin' With The King / Al King
9. A King Is Blue / Al King
10. Big Wind / Al King
11. Royal Crown Blues / Al King
12. Sweet Georgia Brown / Haywood Henry
13. Easy Ridin' / Al King
14. Joy Ride / Al King

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great booting sax from the mid-fifties! Always wanted this album, never heard it till now. Thanks, euclidcreek