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Friday 27 June 2008

The Big Sound of Red Prysock (FC-9083)

Many thanks to an anonymous donor who sent in this Red Prysock LP. The Forum Circle label was a budget reissue label with some kind of tie-in to Roulette Records. I am unable to find this album listed on any discography, nor can I find any information about the recording sessions for these tracks. Can anyone out there provide any info?

The Both Sides Now website states that the Forum label was founded around 1960, that the 9000 series of LPs probably dates from 1961 – 1963, and in 1964 the label name was changed to Forum Circle. This album is not listed on Both Sides Now.

I think we can assume that these recordings were made after Red’s period with Mercury. The music is tough tenor sax backed by an organ combo. It’s jazzy R&B with a hint of Soul I guess. The ferocious “Castle Rock” should appeal to fans of honk.

Ripped at 192 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

1. Another You
2. Flamingo
3. Castle Rock
4. Locomotion
5. Jive Five
6. Monkey Business
7. Second Time Around


Mr Sax said...


Thanks a lot for this, my man

Georgy said...

Bravo! Fantastic!
Spasibo from Russia.

Stas P. said...

I'm a little bit surprised that there are only
two Thank You for this marvellous record.

Luckily I could use the hotel's own wlan for
free, and I've loaded this one and a couple
of other albums in a very short time.
Time to thank you again for all your work.

I've seen that all your zips are filled with
scans and pictures, unfortally I have
no scan of this one on my harddisk.
Sorry for that.

KR stas

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the link Stas. That's a "modern" jump band whom I have had the pleasure of seeing twice on stage - once at the Glasgow Jazz Festival and once at the Edinburgh Blues Festival. They're a great live act and have been around for many years in the UK helping to keep this kind of music alive.

JJeff said...

I downloaded this about a year ago and still play and MP3 Castle Rock at least a couple of times a week in my car.

There seems to be at least a couple of technical glitches in a couple of the up-tempo cuts: (1) a piercing shreik (enough to blow out average speakers) by Red to open his solo and (2) at the end of another cut, there appears to be another 30-seconds of a background ride-out riff (perhaps to lengthen the time of the cut).

Anyone else aware of this? Any explanation for why the problem?

Bottom line though: "chorus after chorus of rocking, hollering tenor-playing."


DeNelis said...

Monkey Business is killer too!
Just posted to Discogs.